This page is set aside for current UPCI members to share their thoughts and opinions.  Instead of simply sending an e-mail and stating you agree or disagree with something on the site, why not take the time to write a detailed article that can be shared with others?  If debating doctrine, please back up your statements with biblical proof.

My Encounter With So-Called "god" - Anthony, a former UPC minister and pastor, as well as a current UPC member, shares about his experience with shunning in the UPC. "My prayer is that somehow hearing my story will help someone heal and know that God loves them no matter how people treat them. A clear understanding of the frailty of humanity would help pastors understand how they should view themselves and view others. Obviously the hurts didnít drive me out of the church because I am strong in the Lord and had a few friends who hung in there with me and cared about me in spite of the encouragement of leadership to shun and be hurtful."

My Thoughts on Standards- Lori shares her thoughts about standards and how she witnessed problems in a Baptist church before joining the UPC. "I realized that in the past I may have acted as a modern day Pharisee at times, looking down on the "pour souls" who cut their hair. I have repented for this. Likewise, I don't want to become someone who looks down on others for not cutting their hair."

This is What I Believe- Barb McGee, a conservative UPC member, speaks to both those who have been hurt as well as fellow conservatives. "As true ambassadors for Christ, we must recognize our duty to the Brethren. In the love of Jesus Christ I say that if there is just one unloving teacher, and only one soul is damaged, that is one too many! How do we, as the Church of the living God, stand blameless before Him when we have wounded one soul? What do we say to a God who has seen our motives as we shovel the Word out, yet do not consistently live it? How do we answer when He asks why we excused the behavior of some, and damned the same behavior in others?"

Another UPC Experience- Maria, a current UPC member, shares her hurtful experience in the UPC. "All I can say to those who are going through this is just hang on. Just hang on; donít give up your walk with God. Go where you need to in order to heal and grow. Just get in the Word."

The Switch: Moving Past The Hurts-  A current UPC minister who has been hurt himself and understands what others may be going through shares his insight into moving past the hurts. Will you make the switch, or will you allow others to continue to have control over you?

Holiness Comments- Pam Dodd, a current UPC member, shares her views concerning following standards. She feels they are very important and encourages people to follow them so as to not risk missing heaven.

Not A Time To Let Down- Norma Lopez says it's not time to let down, give up or give in.

Religious Abuse on Web Forums - It Goes Both Ways-  Debra, a current UPC member, agrees that spiritual abuse is a valid concern. She shares an time where she experienced abuse from a Trinitarian on a discussion group, showing that this can come from both sides. She also shares her thoughts on standards.

Lee McCoy Shares His Thoughts- Lee McCoy, a UPC member, shares his thoughts on standards and spiritual abuse. He sees difficulties in the UPC as well as outside.

Vanessa's Oneness Experience- A current UPC member warns to not  let a bad experience with a bad UPCI or holiness/oneness organization turn you from Biblical truth.

One Woman Shares- A current UPC member shares about keeping the standards and being separate.

Angela Speaks on Pastors, Bitterness, and Standards- A lifelong UPC member shares her thoughts on pastors, keeping the standards, allowing bitterness into your life and more.

Terry's Thoughts on Isolation Within the United Pentecostal Church- A 26 year UPC member shares his thoughts concerning the isolation found within UPC churches.  Everything cannot be wrong.

Kathy's UPC Experience-  A current UPCI member shares her experiences and thoughts on standards. She calls for Christians to focus on what she believes to be important.

24 Years in the United Pentecostal Church- Roger Evans shares some of his experiences, good and bad, during his many years as a UPC member.  He also gives his opinions on various doctrines as well as the UPC being regarded as a cult and legalistic.

Dead to the Law- One of a series of articles by Mel Berglund, a current member of the UPC. Mel does a good job of showing from Scripture how and why we are dead to the law. Posted in the article section, but included here as well.

The Letter of the Law- The second in a series of articles on the law by Mel Berglund. This one deals with trying to keep the detail of the law and missing the big picture. Posted in the article section, but included here as well.

Holiness Standards- The third in a series of articles by Mel Berglund. He deals with avoiding both legalism and loose living, putting on an outward show verses acting from the heart.


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