We offer an online support group for former and current United Pentecostal and other Apostolic church members. We do not limit the support group to these groups and have members who are from various other church organizations.

In addition, we consider family members and friends of current or ex-UPC/apostolic members who are seeking help. Current UPC or apostolic members must be contemplating leaving their organization or be questioning the validity of teachings specific to the UPC/apostolic churches in order to be considered for membership.

We are a Christian group and promote Christian teachings, principles and values. We offer a safe place to discuss issues and concerns. This is a private board and cannot be read by the general public. We have Forum Runner to make it easier for those using iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad as well as Android OS devices. We are listed in their directory as Christian-Koinonia.

The board is set up in a way to make it easy and helpful to members to find topics of discussion of interest to them. This also affords members the option of steering clear of topics they do not wish to discuss or for which they may not be ready. Areas are set aside for standards discussions, emotional issues, doctrinal issues as well as those specific to Apostolic churches, how churches should operate, anger issues, and many more.

Starting in May of 2000, the support group was first hosted on E-groups, which was later converted to Yahoo Groups. In August of 2003, we moved our location to our domain name and changed formats to a phpBB2 board. In January 2008, we moved to a better vBulletin board system and use that to this day.

You may register at http://www.spiritualabuse.org/supportgroup/index.php. In addition to access of the support group board, members also get the free use of a blog. Blogs may be viewed by the general public.

Please be sure to fully read the statement on the registration page as the rules are not the standard discussion board rules. Upon registration, a questionnaire will be sent which must be fully answered before your membership will be considered. We normally allow three days for a response before removing pending applications. Please watch your spam mail folder as some email programs place mail sent from the board there. Sometimes pending members do not receive their questionnaire due to problems with our hosting company's email system being labeled as spam at times. So if you do not receive an email within an hour of your registration, please email me (see the contact page for information).

We also have a support group on Facebook, which is not as secure since the website is not owned by me. You will find it at https://www.facebook.com/groups/813830865371192/. Please be sure to read the description of the group before applying and then watch your private messages as one of the administrators will contact you.

Understand that we do not tolerate anyone who joins for wrongful reasons or who attempts to disrupt the group or cause distress or harm to any member. We will take whatever action is deemed necessary in order to keep the group a safe place for our members.

Started by Lois Gibson and affiliated with this spiritual abuse web site, the Christian-Koinonia support group is lightly moderated.

In addition to our online support group, we have also been able to hold some in-person support group meetings in Texas, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee and Indiana. I have also met members in Windsor, Ontario and in the states of Michigan, Kansas and New Jersey.

In the past we have had special guests on the board, who only had access to their special forum. Prior guests have been: Tony Ducklow (author of Where Angels Tread), Wes Comer (illustrator of Ruth Rieder's children's books), Don Marler (author of Imprisoned in the Brotherhood), Becca Anderson (author of The Gathering Place), Samantha Nelson (author of Reaching the Hurting), David Henke (author of Spiritual Abuse Recovery), David Wasmundt (author of Neo-Phariseeism and Pendulum Extremes), Mary Alice Chrnalogar (author of Twisted Scriptures), Tish Meeks & Steve Hoover from the "Wife Swap" episode with the Meeks & Hoover (UPC) families and Jim Aabear, from the movie, "Paradise Recovered," as a guest. If you feel you would like to be considered as a guest on the board, please privately email and explain why (see the contact page for information). We especially welcome authors of helpful books.

We also give away books and DVDs to members as we are able. We have given away hundreds of books, Bibles, DVDs and videos at no charge whatsoever to our membership, as well as to some readers of our Facebook page, so if you are not interested in the support group, you may want to watch the FB page for occasional giveaways.

Koinonia: "the share which one has in anything...fellowship recognized and enjoyed." (Vines).

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August 23, 1997
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