Oneness Versus Trinity- Links to both sides of the issue, presenting either the Oneness or Trinity view, while some debate the validity of the other side.

Baptism: Essential or Not?- Links to both sides of the issue, simply presenting either view, while some debate the validity of the other side.

Speaking in Tongues: Initial Evidence?- Links to many sides of the issue, simply presenting a particular view, while some debate the validity of a teaching.

Sexual Abuse In United Pentecostal Churches- Presents disturbing evidence of both wide scale pastoral sexual abuse and pastoral and organizational cover up of sexual abuse within the United Pentecostal Church. In the many convictions, arrests, charges, and news reports there is a disturbing trend. Not only does the UPC have a poor screening process for its pastors, but even when victims report the abuse it tends to get buried and not reported by higher ups. These are just a few of the cases.

Some Apostolics And Homosexuality: In May 2012, before Kim Davis made headlines as the Rowan County clerk, Apostolic Truth Tabernacle in Greensburg, Indiana, where Jeff Sangl is pastor, made the news, though they received much less media coverage. ...A young boy is singing on the platform at Apostolic Truth Tabernacle and the congregation is seen enthusiastically cheering, clapping and standing in approval as he sings words to a song that was obviously changed by an adult. ...You can also see Pastor Jeff Sangl in full approval in the background, smiling and cheering him on. Sangl neither stops the song nor admonishes those cheering.

The United Pentecostal Church At The United Nations- Starting in August 2013, UPC minister Art Wilson, has been holding services and Bible studies near and at the United Nations. He has invited various UPC ministers and others to speak there, including Vani Marshall, Robert Henson, and Lee Stoneking. On April 22, 2015, Lee Stoneking addressed a sparsely attended United Nations General Assembly. These events have some believing God is going to do something big now and that it is a sign of the end times, with the Gospel being preached to the "whole world," simply because Acts 2:38 was quoted. This article covers these events and also shows Art Wilson's use of someone else's picture of a totally different service, to show his chapel services. Art Wilson has also claimed to have written Lee Stoneking's speech.

Lee Stoneking And Osama Bin Laden's 40 Wives Story - In May of 2012, Lee Stoneking spoke at a "Touch The Future" conference and shared a story that he claimed missionary C.P. Thomas of India told him. He said that Osama Bin Laden had 40 wives locked in a cave for seven years and when they were rescued, they were all water baptized in the name of Jesus and 26 came out of the water speaking in tongues. However, C.P. Thomas told a much different story in June 2011. Hear it for yourself.

Position Papers of the United Pentecostal Church- There are presently 19 position papers available that have been adopted by the UPC during their General Conferences. They cover issues such as computers and the internet to holiness and the restoration of ministers.

Documents And Audio Clips- This page contains links to actual Apostolic church documents and audio clips. It covers such things as hair standards and choir guidelines, plus church by-laws and incorporation. It is provided, in part, because there are some who think that people make up incidents that happened in their former churches. Providing actual documents and audio clips from sermons will help to show exactly what was taught.

Food For Thought Videos On Church Teachings- A series of videos to challenge people to search the scriptures, to see if what they were taught is true. The focus is on Apostolic and Pentecostal teachings.

Minister's Affirmation of UPCI Articles of Faith- In 1993 the UPC began requiring all licensed ministers to sign a yearly affirmation stating they believe and embrace the Fundamental Doctrine found in the Articles of Faith and will practice, preach, and teach the holiness standards of the United Pentecostal Church International as set forth in the Articles of Faith. At the 2002 General Conference they voted to not do away with this requirement. At the 2005 General Conference they voted down the resolution to print the affirmation on the fellowship cards, requiring them to be signed to validate membership (as opposed to mailing the affirmations every other year).

The UPC Stand on Preterist Teachings- Controversy has been brewing in the UPC for some time over ministers who adhere to preterist beliefs. At the 2005 General Conference, the organization passed a resolution forbidding the licensing of anyone believing in preterism. A position paper was also presented by the General Board.

Standards: Biblical or Man Made?-  Articles dealing with outward standards as taught by the United Pentecostal Church. Included are two letters written by David Wasmundt, a former UPC minister. At the 2004 General Conference they voted down a resolution which would have allowed ministers to advertise on television. At the 2006 Conference, they tabled a resolution to allow ministers to advertise and minister on television, voting to send the resolution to committee. On September 28, 2007, they passed the resolution to allow "advertising" on television. This caused division and many left. In 2013, a resolution was passed where ministers are no longer prohibited from having television sets in their home. They are still not supposed to use any technology "for the purpose of viewing worldly, carnal and unwholesome media" and its use "must strictly be limited to educational, religious, inspirational, and family content that is consistent with wholesome Christian principles."

Anthony Mangun: Why I'm For Television- Further development and thoughts pertaining to the UPC and television. Changes were made in 2007 and 2013 regarding the use of television and this article has been updated to include that information.

The Hoovers & Meeks Families on Wife Swap- Kristin and Stephen Hoover, who attend a United Pentecostal Church, appear on an episode of "Wife Swap." They are paired with Tish and Tony Meeks who have a punk rock band called 3 Kisses. Is this the way the United Pentecostal Church wants its membership to spread their doctrines, by going against clearly defined teachings of the church?

The United Pentecostal Church on the Big Screen- Hollywood film makers duped members of the United Pentecostal Church when they came to a camp meeting service while filming the 2006 movie, "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan." Read what they have to say.

The Teachings of Ruth Rieder (now Ruth Harvey)-  A special section addressing the teachings found in Ruth Rieder's materials.

Arkansas UPC Church Drops the Dress Code- Information on a UPC Church which dropped following the dress code in 2005.

Women's Hair - Included are seven chapters examining the biblical perspective of the issue. Also included is the full text of a UPC sermon on women's hair, a response to the sermon, plus links to other views.

Tithing- Was tithing a biblical mandate for the New Testament Church? Links to writings which debate this.

The Writings of E.L. Anglin- The writings of E.L. Anglin, a former United Pentecostal Church minister and employee at World Evangelism Center.

The Writings of Lynne Yohnk- The writings of Lynne Yohnk, a former United Pentecostal Church pastor's wife.

The Writings of Jason Pound- The writings of Jason Pound, a former United Pentecostal Church minister and assistant pastor.

A Series of Studies Written For Those From Apostolic Backgrounds- These studies were written specifically for those who have been involved in Apostolic churches in an effort to help as they sort through various issues.

A Series of Studies on the Book of Acts- The series consists of 55 separate studies covering the entire book of Acts.

Murders in Brazil- Back in the late 1990s, media sources reported that members of a United Pentecostal Church in Brazil had murdered six people. We used to have a page on this site that refuted UPCI involvement. It was removed some time ago when it appeared talk had stopped. It's once again making the rounds, so I have added it back to hopefully put an end to the report.

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