The Writings of Lynne Yohnk

Lynne Yohnk and her husband pastored for 10 years in two different states.

The 55 Mile An Hour Church: "It was obvious to the man and his followers that these people were simply not hungry for God. They wanted to waste gas and think only of themselves. They did not care about the environment. Oh, they may recycle, but *this*! This about driving 55 was scriptural! And they rejected it."

Undershepherds, Sheep and Fences: "One day, he stuck his foot outside. Nothing happened. He decided to jump into the other "safe" fences and try them. It was all pretty much the same except for differing fence lines. He didn't understand why they all thought they were right when the fence lines differed."

Conservative Views Vs. Legalism: "Again, there is a difference between a conservative view and a legalistic one. How many times have we heard it said, “Standards are not salvational”? This is often said, but then we heard these phrases right behind it: “She is wearing pants again. She backslid.” This is a judgment about one’s salvation because of the wearing of pants."

The Walling in of a Reprobate: "More and more rumors about the elder were flying. There was hard preaching about gossip and the spreading of rumors and how it hurt God's Kingdom. "God's people should not be gossips and rumormongers!" they preached. Soon, the rumors were silenced and anyone who mentioned anything about the elder or anything else was shunned as proud and a rumormonger. No one dared speak anything negative, especially about the elders."

The Transplant: "The first little tree began to feel disgusted with the transplant. "I've lived here all my life and I've never struggled" said the first tree. 'I don't know what your issue is. Can't you see the nice river and the sun? You have all you need for sustenance. Can't you see the big trees here? You make the river look bad, the sun look bad. You make the bank look ugly.'"

It's A New Day: "I think those of us who have left legalistic churches have a problem with giving. Once upon a time, we gave and gave and gave. We gave of our finances, our time, our emotions and our lives. We gave until we were exhausted and spent. We gave until the well ran so dry, there wasn't one drop left."

Chrysalis: "So, those left behind aren't always any more guilty than we were when we were yet innocent, doing the things we thought we were supposed to be doing. I know that I believed what I believed with a full heart, until I began to see....and then I didn't believe it anymore."

Identity: "According to Erikson's stages of development, our identity is supposed to develop in the ages between 13-21 years, but what happens if we don't develop that identity in those years but instead take on an identity that isn't truly who we are? What if that identity is superimposed upon us externally?"

Grief: "We grieve the loss of relationships we once had, dreams we once had. We grieve that we were lied to. We grieve that we believed it. The loss becomes greater over time, not less, at least for a time as we realize the significance of the losses. We realize somethings will never be the same again."


I Gave It My All: "Give more. Give more", the preachers would cry, And I knew just what to do. Sacrifice more than ever before, and hope that I would break through."

Puppies and Kitties and Swings: "I have been on a long trip far from my home, Where many evils and wolves all roam, Sadness prevailed and I was alone, Far from puppies and kitties and swings."

The Simple Things: "The presence of God, Sweet Spirit in my soul so hot, Making me into what I am not, Hands raised high, what He has wrought!"

Let Me Build A Bridge: "For there is a gap that must be closed, a bridge that must be built. A hole between two worlds closed, where needs are not met nor felt."

I Like to Be Alone: "So I live for those great moments, Quiet, lovely and sweet. Alone with Him and only Him, Preview of heaven, so neat."

In The Silence: "Why bother!! It's been too long! You're wasting your time!" They try to overcome me with guilt and fear."

This writing is the copyright of Lynne Yohnk and was posted with her permission. Her email address is if you wish to write. Please let her know if you appreciate her writings!

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