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Standards come in three varieties: Personal Conviction, Biblical Mandate and Organizational Requirements. Paul provides numerous examples in scripture where a walk with God is very personal. What is wrong for one, may not be wrong for another (New Living Translation). The teachings of Christ were also very clear: he that believeth on me as the scripture hath said. If you love me keep my commandments.

We must all establish personal guidelines in our lives, but avoid judging others who do not hold the same guidelines. We must all follow the explicit commands of the Bible, and help new babes in Christ to learn of those commands. However, organizational requirements are only good as long as they are ethical.

What is ethical? This is a requirement to belong to our group; it may not be biblical, but we feel that it is a good thing and improves rather than detracts from spirituality. Some may not want to participate in this requirement...and that is fine, they will not be judged, but this is where we as an organization draw the line. This is ethical and proper. What is unethical is to establish concepts as pure doctrine, that must be upheld or you go to hell; when in fact they are not pure biblical doctrines.

In the next few writings are four such issues that cannot be supported by the Bible. Personally they are not hard to follow, or bad or even wrong. Of course that is easy to say for someone of the male species, since most of these issues deal with women. What is wrong is to judge others for not upholding these biblical truths, that are not indeed biblical truths, but personal preferences.

1. it is sin for a woman to wear pants
2. make-up and fingernail polish are sinful
3. jewelry is sinful (Read Ezekiel 16 to see what God thinks of jewelry)
4. women cannot cut or dye their hair

What are the real issues that the Bible deals with when speaking of these truths?

1. transvestite dressing habits
2. there is no issue, it is never discussed by the Bible
3. the spirit of gaudiness, excess and pride
4. submission to authority

Please read and study with an open mind, and you will find like I did: these are not evil stands to take, in fact they are wonderful sacrifices to make for God, but God did not ask for that commitment. Why should we judge others for their unwillingness to give God something he hasn't asked for? With that in mind, why should we feel guilty if we decide to let go of some of these issues, because we do not feel the need to continue in them?

Women and Pants: "However, for those who desire to be technical, why does one have to go to the Old Testament and look between the law of how to handle your neighbor's donkey and the law of gathering eggs to establish that men wear pants and women wear a skirt?"

Jewelry: "In the New Testament, there are only two scriptures that have a chance to be used in support of the no jewelry doctrine. In the Old Testament, more scriptures are in favor of jewelry than against it."

Makeup and Fingernail Polish are a Sin...: "In short we have five scriptures that have been twisted and taken out of context to attack a woman's attempt to beautify herself. Also, the multitude of New and Old Testament scriptures that speak of the beautiful made-up woman in a positive manner are purposely overlooked in favor of these five references."

The Hair Issue: "Why does someone have to go to Old Testament war/mourning customs that are 2000-4000 years old to dictate standards of behavior for a modern woman trying to look her best for her husband?"

My Story: "However, the one question that is never asked: "How did you arrive at where you are today?" It hurts when people think that I am dumb enough to make such a huge decision without some prayer, fasting and study involved." Read Jason's response to those who question his change in beliefs.

This writing is the copyright of Jason Pound and was posted with his permission. Jason Pound is a former UPC minister. He was an assistant pastor at Turning Point, formerly North United Pentecostal Church, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is now a hopeful skeptic. These articles were written while he was a believer. His email address is if you wish to write.

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