Tithing: Another View

Many churches, including the United Pentecostal Church (UPCI), teach that tithing is a biblical mandate for today. However, not all churches or Christians agree on this point. Below you will find links to other writings which debate or disagree that tithing was carried on by the New Testament church. When you study the origins of tithing, what was tithed, and who the tithes went to, it makes for an interesting study. How are tithes used today? Who receives them? They certainly are not being sent to the tribe of Levi.

Some UPCI churches say all the tithes belong to the pastor as my former pastor did. Does your church regularly and voluntarily give account of the tithes and offerings and how the money is used? My former church did not always do this and sometimes the pastor was not happy when a member asked for an accounting of church funds. He could write a check out of the church account for anything at anytime, without needing the approval of another church member. When a financial account was given, there was usually a substantial sum under the miscellaneous column. Perhaps it was because the church members may not have been pleased knowing that the church paid for one of his daughters to go to a family reunion...or because money collected for clam shells for the parking lot was never used for this purpose...or some of the money collected for a new organ was supposed to go toward a plaque which was to include the names of those who donated and it was never done...or a loan that was supposed to pay for a new shed was never used for that...or... You get the idea.

The following writings are included to give the reader another perspective on this issue. I do not necessary agree with everything that is included. For those who will now say I must not have tithed while a UPC member, you should note that I always tithed on my gross income and did so with a cheerful heart- the entire time I was a member. I also gave to offerings and other special fund raisers and even sometimes paid church bills on top of this. I put hundreds of dollars of my own money into the day care classroom I was assigned to as a teacher and voluntarily worked extra hours for no additional pay.

Below is a video from Larry Jones who asks, "Did Jesus the carpenter tithe? Did the fishermen brothers - Peter and Andrew, James and John - tithe? What about Matthew the tax collector and Luke the physician? The answer will surprise almost ever viewer". Stay with it as at first it doesn't appear he is covering the subject. It starts at about the 4:45 mark.

Below is a second video from Larry Jones who says, "There is little resemblance between God's tithe, as initiated through Moses, and the evangelical tithe as initiated by.... uhm.... ah.... Hey, just who activated the evangelical tithe, anyhow? And when?"

Larry released at least six additional tithing videos: Jesus, Do you want me to tithe?, Jesus does not want you to tithe, Tithers defend the indefensible tithe, Pastor Whoever vs Jesus Christ, Pastor Whoever vs Jesus Christ Part 2 and Tithing Is A Sting Operation .

Are You Giving To God With A Cheerful Heart or Tithing By Law To Benefit Yourself?

Tithing, Robbing God by Restoring the Law of Moses by Ken Sublett

Is Tithing Required in the Church Age? by Dave Combs

Tithing Abolished by Jerry

Tithing and Hebrews by Jerry

Analysis of 1997 Tithing Letter by Mark Tabladillo

Tithe...or Go To Hell? by Mark Tabladillo

The Truth About Tithing: Old Testament Perspective by George Potkonyak

Why Modern Churches Are Carnal: God's Plan for a Scriptural New Testament Church by J.B. Sparks

Are We Obligated To Tithe? by Matt Slick

Tithing is Unscriptural Under the New Covenant by L. Ray Smith

A Study Of Enforced Giving And Tithing Within The Church by Jim Peacock

Tithes And Tithing: Can We Honestly Face Up To The Truth? by Robin A. Brace

Tithing, The Truth About Tithing And The Tithe by Richard Wayne Garganta

Tithing not a law for Christians by Robert K. Sanders

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