Standards: Biblical or Man Made?


Dress Code Idolatry- An article written by a former United Pentecostal Church pastor's wife, Brenda Gregory. "After the pastor has finished 'carving' their 'image' they stand back and hold it up with pride so that others will say, "Oh! Look how holy! He is acceptable to us!" and the 'image' again is worshiped."

Does the Bible Say It's a Sin for Women to Wear Pants? The Truth About Deuteronomy 22:5- An article by Jason Young.

Scriptures Prohibiting the Wearing of Pants by Women?- An article by Stephen Mann which examines five verses prohibiting women from wearing pants.

Dress Standards - A Uniform for Identification and Modesty or Essential for Salvation?- An article by Stephen Mann which asks two questions: Is having to wear a church dress standard just a mark of belonging like wearing a work uniform? Will Jesus only return for people wearing the 'uniform' which He has revealed to the UPC? His answer: The 'company rules argument' doesn't really work to explain UPC dress standards.

Does the Bible Say it's a Sin for a Woman to Wear Pants?: An article by E.L. Anglin. "You have often heard that culture does not dictate standards. That statement is patently false. We no longer wear robes because we followed our culture's lead. Style varies from continent to continent and culture to culture. What is appropriate in one locale may be unthinkable in another. "Appropriate" is the very definition of the word "modest." (See 1 Timothy 2:9)"

Does the Bible Say it's a Sin for a Woman to Wear Pants? Part Two: An article by E.L. Anglin. "Why do you only go back as far as the mid-1900's? Why don't American men wear white-powdered wigs? Why don't American women wear hoop dresses? For that matter, if standards are unchangeable, why don't Apostolics wear robes and sandals?"

United Pentecostal Church - A Bible Study on the Teaching on Women's Dress: An article from another site by Robyn. "There was not a differentiation of dress amongst the sexes when Deuteronomy 22:5 was penned. No differentiation in regards to trousers vs. skirts. Only more colorful, ornamental and embroidered outer garments and underdress for women."


Women's Hair - Included are several chapters of what was planned to be a book, examining the biblical perspective of the issue. Also included are the full text of a UPC sermon on women's hair, my response to the sermon, plus links to a Baptist view on women's hair along with other views.

Does the Bible Say Women's Hair Must Be Uncut? Unveiling the Myth- An article by Jason Young.

The United Pentecostal Church, Oneness Pentecostalism, And A Woman's Hair- An article on another site by Thomas D. Sheehay.

Splittin' Hairs- An article by the late Jim Yohe, UPC minister. "For example, we don't interpret the much-debated hair segment in I Corinthians 11:1-16 as it is literally presented by Paul. If we did, our holiness women would be wearing veils during times of worship. Disagree? Let's do a quick review."

Double Standards and Eisegesis- An article by Stephen Mann probing the double standard with hair length as taught by the United Pentecostal Church. "In fact many teachers teach both contrary teachings of 'long' and think that both contradicting positions are taught at the same time in the same passage without ever seeing the contradiction."

Judge in Yourselves - Uncovered- An article by Jason asks if "uncovered" means "cut at all". Is this refering to hair or a veil?

Greek God and Women's Hair- An article by Jason considers Dionysus, the god of wine, and how his followers worshipped him. Veils and long hair were worn by men as a sign of dedication to this god, while the women used unveiling and shorn hair. How does this affect our understanding of 1 Corinthians 11?

United Pentecostal Teaching - Women's Hair: An article from another site by Robyn. "While I whole heartedly believe in Baptism in Jesus NAME and the infilling of the Holy Ghost, I question some of the other teachings held by the United Pentecostal Church. The teaching of not cutting or trimming Women's Hair is one of them. So I studied it for myself in the Word of God. This is what I found..."

Is it a shame for men to have long hair?- by Denver Cheddie. "The analogy Paul was driving at was this. In the natural world, women have long hair and men short, and analogously in the spiritual world, women should have a physical head covering and men shouldn’t. This is where the issue of men having long hair entered the fray."

United Pentecostal Church - A Bible Study on the teaching of men not wearing facial hair: An article from another site by Robyn. "Nowhere does the New Testament, after Jesus resurrection, state that men are not to have facial hair. If we are to use this incident in the Old Testament as an example to be translated into a commandment, then we should also use the example of the only Birthday mentioned in the Bible, as the Jehovah's Witnesses do." Should women cover their heads in church?- by Denver Cheddie. "The real issue that impinges on us is whether this command was specific to the Corinthians by cultural constraints, or is it applicable to all believers of all time? I believe that principles are timeless and applicable for all time. Commands are subject to change."

Below is a video of a former Apostolic woman getting her hair cut.


Jewelry: Does the Bible Say it's a Sin? What the Scriptures Really Say - An article by Jason Young.

Jewelry: Forbidden? An article by Jason exploring the meaning of 1 Peter 3:3-5. He notes that one of the women of old wore jewelry. Is the Bible contradicting itself?

What Does the Bible Say About Jewelry?: An article by E.L. Anglin. "In many modern churches the anti-jewelry stance has been relaxed. Now it's generally accepted to wear most any sort of ring, tie bar, cuff links, or hair jewels but still unacceptable to wear earrings or necklaces. Why? Who determines that some jewelry is acceptable and some unacceptable? What scripture is used?"

United Pentecostal Church International - Teaching on Makeup and Jewelry: An article from another site by Robyn. " Is it a sin for a woman to wear makeup or jewelry or braid her hair to be seductive to men? It is the wrong spirit and attitude. Is it a sin for a woman to wear makeup or jewelry or braid their hair to look pleasing to their husband? No, it is not a sin according to the Word of God. BUT, it is more desirous for a woman to adorn herself with good works, a meek and quiet spirit and modest dress - which is in the sight of God of great price!"

SilverWear by Linda

A friend of mine, and fellow former United Pentecostal Church member, makes unique and limited pieces of jewelry from silver plated silverware. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and purse key rings are all crafted from used silverware. Custom orders are welcome. SilverWear by Linda donates monthly a bracelet, with an adopt charm, to rescues across the USA as a way for them to generate income. She has also donated two bracelets for us to give away in our online support group. Those who have exited unhealthy churches may particularly appreciate her work. I highly recommend her.


Make-up- An article by Jason which shows if because Jezebel put on make-up, then make-up is a sin, then combing you hair is, too. Why does the UPC take part of some verses and leave out others?

More Than One Standard

The Teachings of Ruth Rieder-  A special section addressing the teachings found in Ruth Rieder's materials.

Holiness, Standards and Sin: Considering the Motive Behind the Act by Jason Young.

The Writings of Jason Pound- A special section of articles, written by a former UPCI minister, addressing various UPCI standards.

Pastoral Authority Concerning Standards- An  article by Jason looking into whether or not a believer must follow standards simply because their pastor teaches them. Scriptures alone are the sole authority on the truth. Not your pastor, not the UPC, only the Book.

Law and Customs- An article by Jason examining Paul's teachings concerning the law and legalism. The Bible teaches giving to the poor, but to say that all Christians must give $200 per month to a charity is legalism. The Bible teaches modesty in dress, but defining modesty to mean long sleeves is legalism.

United Pentecostal Church - Doctrine Studied: An article from another site by Robyn. "Nowhere do these scriptures say "No splits in your skirts", "Women must only wear skirts or dresses", "Skirts and dresses must be below the knee", "Pantyhose must not have seams -it's seductive", "All members must wear long sleeves, arms and elbows must be covered, even in summer", "I don't care if Brother Joe's Pastor preaches short sleeves, we only wear three quarter length sleeves here!", "Sister, I hope your not wearing makeup, you know Jezebel wore makeup", "We preach against tv and wedding rings here!" And the list goes on and on!"

David Wasmundt

Original Letter from David Wasmundt- Pastor Wasmundt was an ordained minister in the UPCI for many years.  He wrote two books dealing with the subject of standards.  In this letter he shares his thoughts on some believers changing to a "false grace."

Letter from David Wasmundt- An open letter from Pastor Wasmundt to several ministers regarding the rumors that he is returning to the UPCI and had refuted the writings in his books.

"False Holiness Standards" Book Available

A book is available which deals with various issues related to outward holiness standards. It is written by Linda S. Hopper, who was a former UPC member. The book is called "False Holiness Standards" and may be obtained by sending $15.00 to: Victory Tabernacle c/o Linda Hopper, 8406 North Classics Avenue., Fresno, CA 93720. In her book, Linda covers topics such as pants on women, jewelry, make-up, and women's hair.

Books On Standards

You may also want to check out our page that lists books which cover one or more of these standards.

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