Oneness Versus Trinity

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This page will be treated in like manner to the pages involving the water baptism debate and speaking in tongues. It is provided to supply links to both United Pentecostal Church (UPC) writings and those of similar or differing beliefs. It should be noted that most churches which call themselves 'apostolic' hold the same main beliefs on salvation as the UPC.

Is God one, manifesting himself in three ways, or is God one, yet three persons? Does 'persons' mean to the Trinitarian what the UPC says it does?

The United Pentecostal Church teaches that God is one, manifesting himself in three ways. They believe Jesus is not only the Son, but also the Father and Holy Spirit. While some claim this is modalism, it is different.

This belief has been referred to as 'Oneness' or 'Jesus only'. In contrast, the majority of Christian churches teach a Trinitarian concept. While the words 'trinity' and 'oneness' are not found in the Bible, this truth doesn't mean anything in determining the veracity, or lack thereof, of either teaching.

Mormon and Jehovah's Witnesses teachings also reject a Trinitarian concept. Both of these have skewed beliefs and are not considered Christian groups.

Having been a very active member of a UPC church for many years, I have witnessed differing views on how people in that organization view Trinitarians. Some treat them as fellow Christians, yet others won't consider them as brothers and sisters in the Lord. Some believe that those who don't hold to the Oneness view are lost. I've seen Oneness believers go so far as to state that Trinitarian believers don't even know Jesus.

One of the most extreme statements I've heard is from an independent Apostolic minister who stated in two posts on an Apostolic board: "I would rather have every family member I have on alcohol and drugs than sitting in a false church and you can print that on USA TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...." & "A false church is one that does NOT preach Acts 2:38 as God's plan of salvation." (Comments made on September 11, 2005 on Faithchild Forum [no longer in operation] by Steve Epley.) On May 5, 2006 Epley made the following statement on the New Faithchild Forum, also closed, "I remember an event that I thought would generate some interest. I man who thought himself very philsophical asked me once. "You are Oneness are you not? What is the main difference between we Trinitarians and you Oneness people? If you could please give me something short and concise since I am in a hurry?" I said yes sir the main difference is "saved and lost." Excuse me" he said looking questioning? "Yes we are saved and you are lost that would be the main difference." He seemed a little "put off" as the philsophical would say." More than ten years later, Epley continues to write similar comments.

On the opposite side, James White shared in an article on Phillips, Craig & Dean, a popular singing group, that he stopped listening to their music when he found they had Oneness beliefs. One statement made was: "Likewise, I don't believe it is proper to be led in worship by someone who worships a different God than I do and who specifically denies the truth of the Triune existence of God." This article appeared in the Volume 21, Number 4 issue of the Christian Research Journal.

There have been many in the UPC that inaccurately portray Trinitarian beliefs (and the same happens in reverse). A young boy I know shared that his UPC Sunday School teacher taught Trinitarians believed in three kings and that there would be three thrones in heaven. My former pastor went so far as to state, from the pulpit, that if any of us were attending a Trinitarian church when the rapture took place, we would be left behind.

Statements such as the above can make Oneness the issue many former UPC members grapple with the most. Some who leave will not even consider attending any church that does not teach Oneness for fear of being forever lost.

The following links will take you to writings on both sides of the issue. Note that there are a few links which didn't quite fit into either category but are included anyway because they somehow address the issue. Some may also be interested in a newer website, The Oneness Exchange, which explores Oneness Pentecostal theology.

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Answering Gregory Boyd's "Sharing Your Faith with a Oneness Pentecostal" by Mark Bassett Oneness Pentecostalism: Is Jesus Father, Son, and Spirit?
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*Oneness, Twoness or Threeness by Buddy Martin Rediscovering the Trinity by Robin Vogsland
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Sitting at the Right Hand of God by OvadYah Avrahami Book First: Of The Knowledge of God the Creator by Calvin's Institutes
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Wheel of Prophecy: Who Is God? A Brief Definition of the Trinity by James White
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The Man Christ Jesus by Robert Sabin An Examination and Refutation of the Denial of the Doctrine of the Trinity by Oneness Pentecostalism by Vincent McCann
The Right Hand of God by Robert Sabin The Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by Jay Rogers
Does the Phrase, "Let us make man in our image," Indicate Plurality of Persons Involved in Creation? by Robert Sabin The Oneness Doctrine: Full Gospel or Fool Gospel? by Edgar L. Havaich
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Response To Jason Dulle's "Avoiding The Achilles Heel Of Modalistic Monarchianism" by William Chalfant Personal Distinctions in the Godhead by Dan Lewis

Years back, then General Superintendent Nathaniel Urshan, along with Robert Sabin, appeared on the John Ankerberg Show. On the Trinitarian side appeared Walter Martin and Calvin Beisner.

Note how many times Nathaniel Urshan was asked by Walter Martin if he was his brother, a believer, a Christian, and saved and the difficulty Urshan had in responding.

Debate between Nathan Dudley and Edward Dalcour 11/11/16; Debate between Edward Dalcour and Steve Ritchie 1/3/18.

Debate between pastors Steve Ritchie and Bruce Bennett; Debate between James White and David Bernard.

Debate between Gino Jennings & Reginald Young; Debate between James White and Roger Perkins.

Debate between David Bernard & Gene Cook; Debate between John Tancock and Marvin Sanguinetti.

Debate between James White and Robert Sabin- Parts 1 & 2.

Debate between pastors Steve Ritchie and Michael Burgos; Debate between Robert Skynner and Manuel Culwell.

Debate between Manuel Culwell and James White; Debate between David Bernard and Jamal Badawl (Muslim).

Debate between Steve Ritchie and Steve Morrison Parts 1 & 2; 3 & 4.

Debate between Steve Ritchie and Steve Morrison Lost Part of Part 4; Debate between Gordon Magee and W. L. Toddy.

Below is a song written and performed by a non-UPC apostolic that shows how many apostolics believe Trinitarians are lost.

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