I thought that some might be interested in reading old guest book entries I have received in response to this web site. I have partially removed the e-mail addresses since these writings are old and many are probably now invalid. Typos have not been corrected.

Saturday 07/26/2003 10:18:38pm

Name: Henry

E-Mail: redink85201@

Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: I used to be a member of a UPCI church, the people were fine, that is untill I left.

Since I left I have been called a backslider and a devil, told that I lost my salvation and have been taken into the decoetion of mens traditions.

I left because the teaching did not line up with the bible, and they were misrepresenting the teachings of other churches.

Now I know that many of you will say, that they are are not all bad, that is true, but the problem is not individual churches it the oneness theology, that is the problem, they are great people who are lead astray.

Some things I found prevelant and see here, are that they start out teaching that ALL other churches are in mans traditions, full of pagan influence, that they do not have the full truth, so while one person here is upset that this site is set up to speak against the UPC, the oneness preahcers speak against every church every week. HMMMM

I also noticed that they give bible studies based on prescribed verses, you realy never study a book , or even a chapter, only a verse. Then they say SEE THE BIBLE SAYS... but the truth is that they are only propegating docrine and if you read the rest of the story you would find that what they say has many errors.

One more thing and I'll go, they also teach that the bible says we should obey our leaders in the church with out question, that they tell us what the word says, ands what God has for us, we obey.

If you question docrtine, you are told that satan is decieving you, if you do not follow the so called holiness standards, you loose salvation, and worst of all if you dis obey your church leader you are dis obeying God, I was specifically told that when I left the I was no longer saved, and only the pastor who was telling me this could change that.

Well there is so much more I could say, though I know that the lay person is typically a great person who desires to serve and to please God, but sadly they are being lead into false teachings by teachers who I say are wolves in sheeps clothing.

Thursday 07/17/2003 1:57:06am

Name: Abby


Referred By: Friend

Location: Texas

Comments: I want to say that I have been in the UPC all my life. I have recently decided not to follow the standards of the UPC, but I love my church. The people are wonderful and friendly even after my "backsliding." What causes the abuse is the people. Certain people have bad personalities and they often get into church leadership. So when people slam the church, they should slam the person. I love my church and I love my preacher. God Bless

Tuesday 06/24/2003 0:32:03am

Name: Meredith

E-Mail: MeredithJRussell@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Missouri

Comments: I find it very sad that you would dedicate an entire website to denouncing The Word of God. I am a third generation UPCI member. I have been in the church my entire life, but moreover, its not that you are denouncing the UPC church you are simply denouncing the Word of God. I noticed that in a few of your articles you stated that when a UPC member gave you a scripture, one wasnt enough. [Lois's note: and where is this found????]You needed two or three to prove that something you wanted to do was indeed wrong. I find it sad that those people in your articles decided to go against the bible just because they couldnt find more than one scripture on having long hair. (SIDE NOTE: in 1 Corinthians the scripture actually reads: For if the woman be not covered let her also be shorn: but if it be a shame for a woman to be shorn or shaven ((ie; CUT)) let her be covered.) This says that its not the length of the hair that matters its the decision to allow your hair to be your glory and be UNCUT. If anyone would like to email me I have other scriptures to back that up. Jeremiah 7:29....etc. I also find it distubing that you would insinuate that followers of the faith are abused, that would indicate that we are not aware of whats going on and we are blindly lead into a, what you seem to be describing as a, cult. I do not appreciate that. If what we do is "wrong" in your eyes, I pity you for the blasphemous ways you are lead in...of course its not your eyes I want to be seen wrong in. I wouldnt want to sit on the throne of judgement in front of HIM if I were you.

Sunday 06/22/2003 11:07:40am

Name: Roger Evans

E-Mail: roger.d.evans@

Referred By: Just Surfed In


Comments: Hi Lois. Havent conversed with you for some time. I read several articles today of former UPC members. Always interesting. I also reread my testimony. When time permits, I would like to do a major overhaul.Kind of embarresing when I read it. As a result of your posting it I have received several emails. I hope things are going well for you. I read a testimony that was posted "in memory of", at the opening page. No doubt a friend of yours.

May the Lord watch over you and direct your life.


Roger Evans

Monday 06/09/2003 9:09:39am

Name: Stephen Robinson

E-Mail: stephenrobinson@

Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: Ardmore, OK

Comments: Lois,it has been some time since I discovered your site and corresponded with you. A lot has happened since that time. We suffered abuse from a UPC minister, while he even denounced the very doctrine that he'd been brought up to believe in. Knowing that the "Message" of the Apostolic faith to be bible based, we sought out another church in a differen organization close by (50 miles one way) and have joined that congregation. I realized that you don't "Join" an apostolic church, that's why I specified "Congregation", lest someone who reads this be in wonderment about the statement. My youngest son is now a licsensed minister with the Assemblies of the Lord Jesus Christ, is married, and lives in Indiana. They have a little boy who is now going on 3 months old. My real reason for signing in today is to tell you about my oldest son, who was living in Jackson, MS. He had taken a job as a gunsmith, a trade he had gone to college for, and moved to Jackson to ply his trade, working in a small shop there in Jackson. He lived with an aunt and two cousins there in Jackson for a while, and Paul loved the word of God. He did indeed "Search the scripture", and he measured what the preacher said by the Bible. He knew the Bible. Was comfortable in discussing scripture with anyone who seriously wanted to discuss scripture with him. He however was disallusioned by the way that many of the preachers would for instance preach against the evils of TV, but would spend hours surfing the 'net. Paul saw no difference in the two. Surfing the net is quite time consuming, more so really than TV, in his opinion. He took issue with the youth minister where he went to church, and they were of different opinions concerning that. He was also concerned about the young men and women from Bible School who would work at resturants on the wait staff and serve alcoholic beverages. Paul was of the opinion that if you preach against drinking, then you shouldn't work in an establishment where you were required to serve alcohol. Anyhow, we visited various churches there in town, trying to find a good home church that Paul and his fiancee could go to and feel comfortable, one that taught the Bible, without all the strings of bondage attached that many churches have. We at last found a small church there in town, the pastor knows the pastor there where we go here in Oklahoma, and Paul and Melissa started attending. We visited there for the first time on the Sunday before Memorial day of 2002. On June 25th, my wife and I suffered every parent's worst nightmare.....Paul was the victim in a holdup at the gunshop, and was shot and killed while having his lunch. Although we grieved because Paul hadn't relly gone to church the way that the "church" requires, we knew Paul's heart, most importantly, God knew. A few weeks after the funeral, my niece of 4 years was looking at a children's Bible with her mom. This is a family that don't go to any kind of church. They believe in God, but that's as far as it goes. They don't serve him. Anyhow, Lauren, the neice, saw the picture of Jesus on the rock with the little children surrounding him, and got excited, and said, "I saw that man." Betty asked her, "Where did you see him?" "With Paul." "Where with Paul?" "Where we left Paul." (The cemetary) Betty said that Lauren was acting like someone was picking at her, playing peek-a-boo, and she was hiding behind her mom's dress. She looked around, and couln't tell who was playing with her. This is the confirmation that we needed. From the mouths of babes. She had seen Paul and Jesus, and they were smiling and Happy.

So, we must not judge people too harshly, just because they don't fit into the "stereotypical" mold that some church or preacher has created for us to try to fit into. God is a good God, and He and He alone will judge, so it's up to us as individuals to prepare our hearts to meet Him. We must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. Nowhere in the New Testament do we find God as a God of Judgement, except in the book of revelation. He is a merciful God, but we must not mock him. This is where serious trouble comes in.

I've said enough. Anyone who reads this, keep the Robinson Family in your prayers, as we are still in the grieving process, and probably will be for some time. Pray that Justice is served, which I know it will be. Because I am simple enough to believe that He will give us what we need.

God Bless

Stephen Robinson

Friday 05/30/2003 4:06:33pm

Name: NIck Roberts

E-Mail: holyroller862001@

Referred By: Just Surfed In


Comments: Hi, my name is Nick Roberts and I'm a G.A.C.ite(Galloway Apostolic Church). I faithfully attend my church which is part of the U.P.C.I. ,and yes I do know there are many bad churches that are part of this organization ,but not all are bad.

I know some may think I'm biased byy saying my church is not one of them ,but I don't ever seem to get bad reports about it. NOw yes soom do get upset when my pastor preaches messages about sin. He does not know its aimed at you 99%of the time ,now of course he does sometimes he may know of an indvidual in the church doing this sin ,but he still does not aim it at them. You see my pastor has a special way of preaching ,he only preaches what the Lord tells him to regardless of what he does or does not see.

I'm only writting this to let every one who reads this to know that there are some really great spirt filled and spirt led churches out there even if they are grouped with some very bad ones. I simply ask you not to think all apostolics are bad just because some are.

Your bother in the Lord Jesus Christ,

Nicholas Roberts

Friday 05/30/2003 11:52:35am



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Location: KATY TEXAS





Tuesday 05/27/2003 8:35:26pm

Name: john

E-Mail: hogdogjohn@

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Location: texas

Comments: this is a great site for all the repabates to get get together and tell how they have been sent a strong delusion haveing their concious sealed with a hot iron and going to bielieve a LIE AND BE DAMMED INTO A ETERNAL LAKE OF FIRE TRUTH HURTS

Saturday 05/24/2003 6:11:55pm

Name: James Cyr

E-Mail: jpoiriers@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Simsbury, CT.

Comments: I'm glad to have found this site. I've been through much spirtual abuse, however only in non-denominational churchs. Loved your statement of beliefs. I believe in the Holy Trinity and the blood of Jesus taking away sin. I love God because He first loved me. He has visited me on many occasions. He has shown Himself as a Father to me and a righteous judge (from a false doctrin in a church) oops. He has been gracious to me. I do my best to walk in accordance with God's word. I do not go to church now because of the problems with it. I find I'm much safer in my relationship with God apart from the church. It is a shame it comes down to this. Not what I wanted, and I love and forgive all those that are making this the case. I will remain consecrated to God through Jesus the Messiah even if all else fall away. I've been imprisoned this year, 2003, in Connecticut for saying I hear God's voice. They were going to physically force injections of lithium in me to stop God's voice. I stayed at peace through all this because God encouraged me greatly. Many saw how God delivered me and there are people that became christians and messianic jews through this experience. I'm at peace in the Lord and know God will always deliver me. God Bless. James Cyr

Saturday 05/24/2003 1:50:18pm

Name: Ivan Golakoff

E-Mail: PraiseHim7@

Referred By: Just Surfed In


Comments: Iam currently in a UPC church in San Diego CA.I have been saved for 10 years now. The UPCI is a good organization. They have the truth but are not the only to have it. There is nothing wrong with their standards.Although the UPCI has the truth we are only humans capable of mistakes as with any church.First of all the UPC has material explaining their position on Holiness that adequately explains it. I read it and it is good.Let me explain. I think people are looking at these standards the wrong way. God put the Man of God over the church to be a shepherd to lead his church the right way.The Bible says to obey the Pastor over you.God gave Moses the right to make decisions or lines for his flock(Israel).God gives each Pastor the right to make decisions for the flock.Standards are not to control people but to protect you from danger. Whatever that Pastor feels will be dangerous for you spiritually he wants to protect you from.Its not to control people but to protect.These standards are based on Biblical principles.When the Bible says "Be ye seperate..." that Pastor can decide through his spiritual convictions what he feels is right. God allows the pastor to do it. Some people may not like everything like the hair issue or long sleeves or not watching television etc but God wants us to be obedient.On the issue of cutting hair it's as simple as this: If the hair is a woman's glory then why would you want to cut your glory.You are cutting your glory.Their is angelic protection for those women that keep their hair. You will be very blessed.The Bible says the Holy Ghost will lead you into all truth. So their is scripture and I know personally that my spirit is drawn to that conviction.I don't believe standards will specifically save you but they will help keep you from things that could eventually get you.Their are alot of bad spirits out there that can get us if we step out from under the hedge of protection of our pastor. I'm not saying that there are some that could not make it or be saved but I would rather be safe than sorry.God has always had a dress code in the Bible and if you study it then you'll see. I also don't believe in judgmental people if someone doesn't have the right standards but if more people would just keep their eyes on God and not look at people it be alot easier( myself included).If someone is not right then God will deal with them.We don't have to. God will! The Lord has been good to me. I love the UPC.The Acts 2:38 salvation message is the only way.It is in the book. I feel sorry for people that leave because if one church was not right God will find you another one that is right with the same truth where you can get your victory.The Lord loves us but He wants us to be obedient to His word.My Pastor says all the time to check whatever He is preaching and make sure I can verify it with the Word. That's a good Pastor.Amen!One more thing about standards. When yor get the Holy Ghost it changes you from the inside out. I realise there are people that have the outside looking good but are bitter on the inside and there will always be that element but when you let God work He will change you from the inside out. That means your heart will be right and the way you dress and carry yourself will change as well.You will want to look your best for Him.But you have to want this truth and love the truth.God will change you all the way through to the outside. Purity is not just in the heart it will come all the way through and shine. It is a beautiful thing. I feel God right now and I know in my spirit this is right. I pray for all of you as a concerned saint that God will lead you to the place that He wants you and find you the right church with the right message. God bless you all!! I hope I didn't rebuke any elder because the Word says not to so I am careful. I hope I made sense to you and maybe this will help someone.God bless you!!Please write back if you have questions.

Thursday 05/22/2003 11:40:55pm

Name: Pam Dodd

E-Mail: charlespamdodd@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Nashville, TN

Comments: Let me first say that I am PROUD to say that I am a member of a United Pentecostal Church and wouldn't have it any other way. Yes, I have not agreed with everything, but sought God and prayed until He revealed the scripture to me. All of these comments I read on this site say "I BELIEVE". Just because a person believes something does not make it true. The word of God is TRUE, believe it or not. So when you say all you have to do is "believe", what do you do with John Chapter 3---

1": There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews:

"2": The same came to Jesus by night, and said unto him, Rabbi, we know that thou art a teacher come from God: for no man can do these miracles that thou doest, except God be with him.

"3": Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

"4": Nicodemus saith unto him, How can a man be born when he is old? can he enter the second time into his mother's womb, and be born?

"5": Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

.....tear it out of the bible or ignore it. It's the whole bible or none. Will you be cold or luke warm???????

On the issue of holiness, I attend a church where it is taught, but not pressed down on you. I appreciate my pastor and his Godly wisdom. If you say that women not cutting there hair or wearing makeup isn't in the bible, I beg to differ. Check out www.positivepowerofholiness.com Sis Ruth Reider has scripture for EVERYTHING concerning these issues. May I suggest you order and read "Power Before the Throne" with an open heart and God will show you some "believeable" truths that are indeed in the bible concerning holiness.

May God Bless You.

Tuesday 05/20/2003 5:53:22pm

Name: cecil jacobs

E-Mail: ceciljacobs@

Referred By: Web Ring


Comments: Thank you I'm 52 and seen alot. When you know the trueth you have to tell someone.The only way to know the trueth is to read the bible and spend time with GOD, I mean realy spend time with GOD, in the name of JESUS, enter into that holy place of GOD and find the mind of christ. Thank you for your site.

Sunday 05/18/2003 11:27:20pm

Name: Kevin Gardner

E-Mail: klkeeley@

Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: Miami, Oklahoma

Comments: I personally feel that the UPC/APOSTOLIC churches have gotten off the right track. personally, they are teaching the wrong things in the church, especially with women not wearing make up or cutting their hair. God does not care about the outward apperances, He looks upon the heart. Personally their teaching on Baptisim is totally wrong. I just cannot accept their teachings.

Sunday 05/18/2003 9:04:02pm

Name: Ashley

E-Mail: naughtykittie2004@

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Comments: You are completly wrong. We follow by what the bible says and the bible is the truth, if you want to rebel against God, that's your decision. I was born and raised pentecostal and I have been blessed and happy all of my life. You may not suffer the pain now but you will when your in hell.

Saturday 05/03/2003 1:44:35am

Name: Samuel O. Ramirez

E-Mail: sam4530@

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Comments: I aprreciate this web site because of it's good intentions. I was born and raised in an Apostolic Church and I know how abusive it can be. My family goes back to the early 1920s in this movement. I now pastor an independant church. I am free at last!

Friday 05/02/2003 8:18:35am

Name: Khandi Jones

E-Mail: khandi_jones@

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Comments: I am glad you had the courage to make such a page. I personally have never been a member of such church, but have heard about them. We can only pray that they will change their ways and not do damage to the Christians that come in contact with them.

Wednesday 04/30/2003 6:28:28am

Name: Connie

E-Mail: CSchmoll1@

Referred By: Friend

Location: Orleans, NE

Comments: I like the changes you have made to the site, especially the frontpage. A lot of good info here. I have referred many here. I'm thankful for this site, because it showed me that I was not alone, but there are many all over the world who can completely understand what I've been through. I've come along way, with God's help, since I found this site.

God bless,


Monday 04/28/2003 9:58:53pm

Name: Henry

E-Mail: redink85202@

Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: I was batised in an apostolic church, part of UPCI the same thing more or less as UPC.

From day one things seemed "off" what really got me thinking was the so called bible study.

I had taken a full hard year to study the bible before I went to any church, just be sure. It seemed much of what I was taught was not what I read that year.

The so called bible study was just a bunch of verese spralled out to backl up UPCI docertine and nothing more, when then told that I was not authorized to read beyond what I was told to read, and that I should only read under the lead of a licenced minister I knew this was a farce.

It only took me a week to examine the docturines by the word and leace, when I did hte minister who gave me the bible studies told me that I would loose my salvation and go to hell.

Well well what can you say but bye bye, and I will pray for you.

Oh by the way I am still freinds with the guy we just had lunch the other day. We have had some good converstations and geuss what he let his wife trim her hair a bit. WOW!!

All in God is God and he wil use even the worst of cultic activities to lead those who he choices to truth Praise be to God

Wednesday 04/23/2003 10:50:47am

Name: Cameron

E-Mail: cfairlie@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Canada

Comments: My experience with UPCI

I went to the UPCI for only a very short time. A friend of mine, who used to be an Anglican, converted to UPCI, after she was witnessed, and referred me to the website readytobefree.com. I decided to check a UPC church out.

Well, people were overly friendly, and I thought that was great at the time. Later on, I had regrets.

On Good Friday, I was baptized in the name of Jesus, and 'spoke in tongues.' Since I am a very subjective person, I convinced myself it was the Holy Ghost, but when I look back, I know that it was me and only me speaking gibberish. After I was baptised, there was a younger guy, whom people had their hands on, speaking 'in tongues.' They were praying that he would speak in tongues, as he was violently shaking around. One of the sisters then said "On the count of three, you will shake like a soda can, and will speak in tongues." I knew right then, somthing was very wrong. This sister was playing God, exhalting herself above His power. She shunned him, for missing church, telling him that he was going because he didn't want to lose friends. As I witnessed this, he looked very depressed, pale, and spiritually drained.

After that service, I felt very uncomfortable, but convinced myself it was the devil trying to tempt me. The next week, the pastor preached about the power of Jesus, and used fear, saying the He would either accept us into the Kingdom, or outright reject us. Right after he said that, I decided to leave and never return.

I found out later on, that my other Christian friends, who belong to various different denominations, were praying for me. God answered their prayers.

One of the brothers recently called me, and I told him that I was going back to my home church. He said he would pray for me. I believe he needs to pray for himself, so does my dad, who is a Reverend in the Anglican church.

In the True Merciful Christ,


Friday 04/11/2003 3:14:56pm

Name: Tony Rodriguez

E-Mail: tonyr62@

Referred By: Friend

Location: Seattle, WA

Comments: I am an ex-UPC church attender and while I don't feel that I was "spiritually abused" I do have issues with the doctine. I like your website and will be back to take another look around.

Wednesday 04/09/2003 8:15:49am

Name: huberto blanco

E-Mail: wbudglen@

Referred By: Search Engine Location:

Comments: Thank you for exposing the blatant violations of the UPC. For forty years they rubbished my integrity, abused my spirit, and retarded my spiritual growth with their insipid and insupportable teachings. God Bless!

Tuesday 03/25/2003 9:36:28pm

Name: Concerned oneness Believer


Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: I have read your site and wanted to give my input. I was raised Southern Baptist. I became UPC Pentecostal by choice. I searched the scripture. I even debated them with my Baptist Pastor. I questioned everything from Baptism in Jesus Name, Trinity vs. Oneness and standards ( dresses and the hair issue). I came to my spiritual conclusion that UPC Pentecostal was teaching truth. I love this truth. I attend a wonderful church. My pastor accepts you the way you are and allows God to do the changing. He teaches standards and teaches Holiness. I have never felt that it was shoved down my throat. I definately do not feel abused spiritualy. I feel freedom. I have been in this truth for 12 years. I feel blessed. I am sorry that others on your site do not feel the same way. Maybe its not the doctrine that is the issue. Possibly it is the commitment or the way in which it was presented to you. It should be a change of heart and something you believe. Not something forced. God will guide and direct/

Sunday 03/23/2003 4:45:55am

Name: Anonymous

E-Mail: Valiandra@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Hawaii

Comments: Hello. I stumbled upon this site through a search engine (Google: pentecostal hair). I'm a current member of a UPC in Hawaii. I also attend a prestigious high school (not to brag or anything, I'm just emphasizing the factors of time and priority). However, I am erring in my faith...I just had my hair cut today (below the shoulders), in fact. Today is Saturday, and I don't know what to do because tomorrow's Sunday, and I have to go to church (I have no choice, really; I'm not allowed to not go). Fifty percent of the hair on my head has gone. Yesterday, my hair brushed against my waist. Now, they're dancing right below my shoulders. It's a drastic change (and a radical one). Actually, I've been in a rebellious mood for a couple of months. My faith and trust in God, as I mentioned, are erring. I don't know what to do. There are so many things to worry about in my life right now, but I know that salvation is most important. However, I have been backsliding in my heart for the last couple of months while my outside remained "holy". I admit that I am a hypocrite in my church. I really try to do my best, but my heart's not in it. I'm a musician in my church, so I stand in the sanctuary every Sunday. The last three Sundays, my heart and mind were not in the church, and I'm still surprised that I haven't been stricken dead or anything. The sanctuary is a holy place, and I don't know what to do when I show up tomorrow with a shaven head (not shaven, just altered through cutting!). I don't think I can put my hair up into a bun to hide it. The thing is I don't want to hide it. I'm sick and tired of following all of these standards when it's not coming from the heart. I'm sick and tired of being a hypocrite. You see, it's all "I, I, I, I,...". It's truly sickening. I am backsliding, I admit it. Bad timing though: a war going on...the end is near...but I want to give up.

My church is one of those strict holiness standard UPCs. I used to be up to it--I used to understand it and everything, but it's difficult. I've grown my hair and worn skirts and dresses for about three years. I've also stopped wearing jewelry, and I've never worn make-up before (too young). But now I'm 16 and going through puberty. I also have a lot of plans for my future and everything. I don't know what to do. I know that everyone else on this site is experienced and everything, but that's why I'm leaving this message. I would like some counsel from the wise. Thank you for bearing with me.

Tuesday 03/11/2003 12:37:31am

Name: Gretchen M.


Referred By: Search Engine

Location: WI

Comments: The UPCI experience is terrible. 11 years of abuse by ministers who seduced women and lied and intimidated me. I reported to police 2 sexual offenders and I am now hated and lied about. I found corruption in the district, and a spirit of "the preacher is the only credible person." One man came on to me only to say I lost credibility. God saw it all! He is in trouble! I hate what they did. I am at the point of never going to another church. As the preacher claims, so the congregation believes, this ignores Mttw 18 of fair hearing and restoration. I have been disowned and hated. Told that we ripped others off while their saints rejoice at our financial hardships. A tenant from their church ripped us off and destroyed things and the people talk behind our backs. No one will speak to us like we are the plague. Yet, their ministers deceive and blame others. Burning in hell might just cure their lying lips and bodies full of lust; OH but they condemn us if we teach our children to swim. Pray I make it. I am in disgust of their lust and hatred. They are putrid.

Friday 03/07/2003 10:41:12pm

Name: Wounded in Brandon, FL

E-Mail: jvs417@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Brandon, FL

Comments: I write this because there is a link to one of Gene Edwards books on the Book list here. Anyone looking into Gene Edwards or Seedsowers ministries really should read www.geneedwards.org I was hurt very deeply by a home church planted by one of Gene's workers and I am not alone. His churches start out somewhat fine but he works false teaching in to twist them into cultish practices which eventually isolate you from everyone, even other church members. If you question ANYTHING about him, you are asked to leave the church and he tells everyone else not to speak to you again ("for the good of the church") Since this site deals with spiritual abuse I thought someone here could help look into his ministry farther. He has churches all over the world and many people are getting very hurt. He forbids people to talk when issues come up, his group teaches to only marry someone within that church, they teach that unless you move into a chosen neighborhood you are being disobedient to God, and after they bring you before the church to ask you to leave they tell your closest friends never to speak to you again as long as they remain part of it. Anyone who wants to know my testimony of this church can e-mail me. I do not publish it now because Gene Edwards is currently sueing a dear friend of mine who runs the recommended site I gave. He threatened to drive my friend "bankrupt" unless he removes his site. That is how much he forbids people even sharing information. There is a lot of hidden sin in the church too. Please read that site and consider adding it to the list of cults. It is not as well known because its teachings are mostly secret. Anyone wanting to investigate his ministry can e-mail me for his website URLs. This is the link to the split in which I was hurt http://www.geneedwards.org/Case%20Studies/brandon.htm

I hold no bitterness towards Frank or Gene, and I still deeply love those asked me to leave. It's been one year exactly and I'm just now recovering enough to find peace in my life with the Lord. Anyone associated with Gene, I beg you to carefully read through that site. My name is not mentioned on those pages but my testimony against those teachings is there written through others.

Love and prayers,

a sister in Christ

Friday 03/07/2003 9:37:41am

Name: Dr. Thomas R. Steele

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Comments: I guess it has been a year since I posted in your guest book, but I once again want to encourage the ministry of this web page and pray for the work you desire to accomplish. Let me remind each one of those who visit your site that the montra of those who don't stand for the truth is usually, "unity in Christ". Although Jesus did pray for unity among his disciples, He made it clear that because men love darkness rather than light, many would not believe truth. He declared that many would come declaring themselves Christ in Matthew 24. Where are all these false Christs? They are found in the false gospels being preached. Many preach a Jesus who isn't a part of a trinity, but a lunitic who walks around praying to himself for his flesh. Then they preach about a Jesus who lies when he says that he isn't here to do his will but the will of the father. Then they tell us that their Jesus didn't pay for the full penalty of sin, so you must help him to save you by doing those things he is unable or unwilling to do. Remember, our Jesus said that He came not to bring peace, but a sword. The Jesus I worship did come to do the will of His Father. This same Jesus prayed to His Father on a regular basis. Let's not be fooled. If something isn't 100% true, then it is a lie. The true gospel of Jesus Christ has no error. I can never be united with anyone who promotes a false Christ and neither should anyone who stands on the truth. Your site is linked from our church page and please pray for our church because Satan does not like it one bit that I am taking a stand for the truth and against the teachings of the UPC in our community. We have a powerful presence of the UPC in our small community and let me tell you, wickedness abounds in our community. Pray for us.

Monday 03/03/2003 6:39:04pm


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Comments: I have viewed Lois's site many times, I consider her a backslider from truth.

She has given me hours of fun looking at whiners, and crybabies who seem to think that they should have been someone, didn't need to tithe, didn't need to follow Biblical Holiness standards. In most cases all of you were not in the truth, never had it, didn't want it and were nothing but Judas's.

I like the Oneness vs Trinity areas and Baptism posts, she doesn't realize how much real fun and debates she has helped get me into , several of those trithiests and there never answering questions always lets me know who has the real truth.


Saturday 02/15/2003 7:15:16pm

Name: Renita

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Comments: Kevin Collins, I agree with most of what you said, but people need a place they can go and get in touch with their anger so they can heal and to also find articles and personal stories that deal with the issues of dress and so forth man-made law thats were inforced by the UPCI. I have found this site to be a blessing and a help to bring closure to this heart. Sadly, but for some of us who walk through the valley, some emerge with musch grace and others with much hate. Renita

Friday 02/14/2003 2:14:25am

Name: Kevin Collins

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Location: Siloam Springs, Arkansas

Comments: I know I just wrote to you, but my heart is so full that I can't contain it and I want to share some thoughts with you and your visitors. There is no doubt that many of you have fallen prey to some kind of spiritual abuse, but to spread such bitterness is like infecting your children with a deadly disease. My heart goes out to each and every victim, I know what it is like to be under a hard task master. My wife and I endured eight years of it, but the Word of God teaches not to return evil for evil. Misery loves company and so does hurt people. I often caught myself saying negative and hurtful remarks about my former pastor and the body of people I came from. I was raised in this body of people from 1972 until 1998. I was an evangelist and a trumpet player with this group I was hurt to the core and because of it I found the tendancy to always slant the story in my favor. It wasn't until the spring of 2002 that I was delivered from the bondage of bitterness. God helped me in an allnight men's prayer meeting, that if I wanted to grow and if I wanted my sins forgiven I had to forgive the hurts inflicted to me by my former pastor. It was an eye opener to say the least and I have never been the same. God transformed my life in a way I could never have imagined. So I plead with you to be careful at dispensing your poisonious bitterness to others. I know that your motives may not seem to be that but the result is still the same. Jesus said"By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." Love covers a multitude of sins. Please, allow your heart to be rconciled back to God and forgive those who injured you. Man is not a perfect creature, we have a dual nature and we can submit our lives to good or evil. If we really searched our hearts we would no doubt find that we have all mishandled people in form or fashion.

Making derrogatory and inflammatory statements about your brothers and sisters in Christ does not heal your wounds nor does it bring healing to those you who have hurt. I know that the flesh likes to be pampered and petted, and we all like to feel justified but remember God will deal with the offenders better than you ever could and without killing his children in the process. The homosexual community has tried for years to gain approval by force for their sinful life syles. There is something about our carnal natures that want to feel justified. I know I felt better when I bashed the body of people I came from. In my mind it helped to take away any responsibilty I had for forgiving them and it was my vengeance played out upon them. I tried to destroy them by using their own tactics, but God's way is never like man's. I hope we can agree that man likes to live free of constraint and to make his/her own decisions.(God made us that way) Most so called christians go to church to sooth their conscience and not to receive the power they need to serve and live for God. It is time for God's children to go in behind the veil of carnality and become spiritually minded. We need to be set apart out of the leading of the Spirit not traditions of men. If it's not Biblically correct don't do it but don't try to kill the messenger because you don't like the message.

Thanks for listing this in advance.

In Christ,

Rev. Kevin Collins

Friday 02/14/2003 1:12:16am

Name: Kevin Collins

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Comments: I am sure that you have had some bad experiences with the UPCI, however I wonder if your website shows signs of bitterness and unforgiveness. Websites such as these donot bring unity only separation. I was not raised in the Apostolic Faith, I was raised a binitarian. My wife and I experienced extreme persecution and was blackballed for taking a stand agianst the lords over God's heritage, we left and struggled with bitterness for over four years. God led us to the UPC and we are truly thankful. God opened our eyes to what a loving God he is and how a church is suppose to be. I have the greatest pastor and church family. I am now entering the ministry within the UPCI organization and I have no reservations. I worked in the ministry in the previos body of people I was in but I never had such love and liberty in God. I thank God everyday for leading us to the Body of Christ. I know what spiritual abuse is my former pastor tried to get my wife to leave me and to rebel agianst my decision to leave his church. I know what bitterness can do as well and if it is not totally eradicated it will kill you spiritually just like a cancer. Donot discard the truth because of some bad experiences, rather pray for those who despitefully used you. Let's work together toward the unity of the Spirit.

Kindest regards,

Rev. Kevin Collins

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