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This is a series of videos from a former member of the Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church (previously Faith Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church) in Junction City, Kansas, where she shares about events at the church, including her attending the open house and installation services in the fall of 2012. She also shares about the mindset at the church and when she was verbally attacked by former pastor Edwin Young during a sermon. More will be added as soon as time permits.

The Culture At Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church

Below she shares some thoughts about the culture at Faith Tabernacle and why things need to change at the heart of the church and not just getting a new pastor. The problems at the church didn't stop with who was in the pulpit. How do people at the church view a pastor? Did they miss warning signs about the former pastor? How do people in the community view many who attend Faith Tabernacle? Why is there always talk about a great revival and it never comes? Talk about a coming revival has been made since the days of L.E. Westberg and they are shouting again that there will be revival now that the Youngs are gone and Nathan Dudley is the new pastor.

Some Thoughts About Those Who Were Hurt

Below she shares some thoughts that speaking out isn't betraying anyone. She also shares some thoughts about the alleged victims.

On Anger & Speaking Out

Below she shares some thoughts about anger and speaking out. There is an anger that is right and one that is not.

Dress Vrs. Attitudes

Below she shares some thoughts about dress codes and attitudes. What witness is the dress code at Faith Tabernacle if one treats people poorly?

Pastor Worship

Below she shares some thoughts about pastor worship. She talks about how it was when Edwin Young started as pastor at Faith Tabernacle and compares it to what she has seen recently with Nathan Dudley as the new pastor.

Stalked By A Church Member & Verbally Attacked by Edwin Young

Below she shares some thoughts about when she was stalked by someone in church and how Edwin Young handled it. She also shares about when Edwin attacked her from the pulpit during a sermon and that she realized then she would be leaving Faith Tabernacle.

Visiting Several Years After Leaving

Below she shares some thoughts about attending their open house and two installation services in the fall of 2012.

Why I Left

Below she shares some thoughts about what led to her leaving Faith Tabernacle and how she felt when she heard Edwin Young resigned in August 2012. Where is your foundation found? In a pastor? A church? Or is it found in Jesus Christ?

What Edwin Young Would Say About Those Who Left & Where Can I Go If I Leave?

Below she shares some thoughts about leaving Faith Tabernacle and what Edwin Young would say about those who left. If they went to another church, he called the churches trash cans. People who left were often accused of fornication or being homosexual. She also shares some about the difficulty people have who leave and their concern of where can they go. Near the end she tells about when L.E. Westberg allowed her to attend Faith Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church.

Thoughts On Attending The Open House & Installation Services: Two Parts

Below are two videos where she shares some thoughts about when she attended the open house on September 29, 2012 & the installation services for Nathan & Jonathan Dudley on October 4 & 5, 2012. She also shares her thoughts about what was said regarding healing in the services. Part Two starts with repeating a little of what was shared in Part One due to the subject matter. She also shares about when Nathan Dudley confronted her about posting to this website. You will hear how sometimes members have punched people during services and the installation service was no exception.

Thoughts On Leaving Faith Tabernacle & Why It Is Hard For People To Leave: Two Parts

Below are two videos where she shares some thoughts about when she left Faith Tabernacle and tried to find a new church to attend. Hear what Edwin Young said about some other Oneness Pentecostal churches. Get a better feel for why it is difficult for members to leave. Also in Part Two you will hear how if you plucked your eyebrows, your church wasn't as good as Faith Tabernacle.

Edwin Young, former United Pentecostal minister, suddenly and unexpectedly resigned the independent Apostolic church where he was pastor on August 2, 2012. The beginning stages of an in depth look at what has happened is found here. A separate page on Jordan Young, the criminal charges and background information is found here. A third page on the church, Nathan Dudley (the new pastor) and recent events is found here.

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