Kenny Baldwin's Rebuttal of Keshia Baldwin's Apostolic Experience

How are you doing miss. I hope that you are having a blessed day. I happened to fall onto your site by looking up my ex wife's name. Now I know that she wrote this 4 years ago on 08/31/02 but it really got to me. Her name is Keshia Baldwin well that was her name. I know that saying my peace about what she said will do nothing but at least it will let you as the owner of this site see that I am not the evil man that she said I am. I know when ladies say that she was beat the man is a monster. That isn't the truth in my case. So here I go to clear my name.

"My Pastor thought the best thing for me would be marriage. The whole church was against it because of our age, but instead of them talking to me and seeing I was hurting, turning to marriage as a last resort to leave home, they talked among themselves, gossiped, told lies, and would have nothing to do with me. I felt like marriage was an escape."

This is very untrue. The only people that was against our marriage was my dad. He told us that we were too young and that we should wait. The church was all for it and yes I know that this might put a bad light on the church but that is what happened. Keshia and I prayed for months about the marriage, we never did anything like kiss hold hands or touch in any way because we didn't want our flesh to be involved with the decision. Yes I knew that she was being molested and I did tell the pastor but it wasn't like he said ok get married we took a long time to make a move on it.

" A week after my 17th birthday I got married. It all was fine at first and then it all went bad. By the time we had been married for a year I was being beat. He was not coming home 3 or 4 days."

Yes we got married on June 3 2000. I was 19 she was 17 we were only married for a year and a half. Yes things were going bad money stuff like that but I never hit her. What she is talking about is when we would get in a fight and I tried to leave and calm down she would jump in front of the door and wouldn't let me leave so I yelled and got really upset. One day during a fight I grabbed her and threw her on the couch so I could leave and calm down. I was working at office depot when she said that "I wasn't coming home for 3-4 days". I was getting off at 11:30 at night I would come home and she would be asleep because she was working at the time at brams. I would try to wake her up and tell her to spend at least 10 mins with me but she wouldn't. So after about a month of this I started to go out with mike my co worker to play basketball every night. I know that sounds like I am lying but it is the truth. She would get upset that I was doing that and she talked to my parents and got me to stop. She continued not to spend time with me when I got off work. So I started again to go out and play basketball until 5 am. I felt hopeless. I prayed for a way out.

"My health was bad. I was depressed".

I know a lot of things that she tried to do when she was depressed but I am not here to tread on her name.

"One day he hit me at church"

I never hit her at church. It was during choir practice when I found out that my cousin (from the coast guard) was in town. Now we were babysitting my moms friends kids and she let us borrow her car. I had the keys and I told her that I was going to see him and she got upset. We yelled at each other and she grabbed me. I took her hands and pushed her off me and walked to the car. She followed me and I was sitting in the car with the window down and the car started. She put her hand in the window and tried to take the keys. Now you know you do things when you are upset and not in your right mind. So what did I do I rolled the window up on her arm pushed her arm out and left. Not more then 30 mins later my dad pulled up and beat me down I am not talking about grabbing you and yelling I am talking about throwing you against the wall punching you in the stomach. Getting punched over and over again in the face gut and ribs. Why did this happen you ask. She told my dad I hit her. So does it sound like my family covered anything up?

"Finally one night he hit me and I had had enough. I was justified to leave because he was cheating on me".

The last time I saw her before I had to sign the divorce papers was the night she said I hit her. We woke and after being intimate with each other I got a call from my friend that told me that he had a friend that was interested in buying 4 rims and tires. I owned my own business at the time. I told her that I had to leave to make some money. She was upset and we got in a fight now at this time we had been threw counseling with the pastor and I was told that if we get into a heated argument again then I should call him and he will try to help. I told her that I was going to call him she took the phone cord out of the wall I tried to leave and she jumped in front of the door again and I was tired of this so I grabbed the door and flung it open hit her toe and left. When I returned home she was gone. Now I got a call from my dad. He told me that she told her mom that I was drunk in front of cj's house (her brother) with my shotgun that I had. Not knowing that I sold it a month earlier after wanting to use it on my dad. I don't know if what I was told from my father was true but I took it at face value. Also I never cheated on her. I tried to work it out and she told me no over 150 times of me begging and telling her that it would work out. Like I said I just want to clear my name. Thank you for reading this and have a blessed day.

Kenny Baldwin

Posted November 14, 2006


August 23, 1997
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