Nathan Dudley & The Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church in Junction City, Kansas

This article a collaborative effort. For those wanting websites on the church and school, they taught against the internet, so there are no official websites to be found. On May 13, 2013, the church purchased a domain for a website but as of October 25, 2014, they had not done anything but display an under construction page. By 2016 it was in operation but with very little information. It appears in 2015 they also started a separate site on the Academy, which also has little information. If you are upset that we have spoken about ministers, consider what this man has to say about public criticism of leaders. You may also wish to listen to what the current pastor, Nathan Dudley, teaches. He states that if you are not doing what is right, then you are not of God.

On June 25, 2013 it was announced that Jordan Young would be pleading guilty to ten cases and made a deal with the prosecutors that would include extensive jail time. On August 6, Jordan unexpectedly backed out of the plea agreement and requested a new attorney. On November 6, 2013 a plea agreement was made where Young agreed to a sentence of over 24 years in prison. He pleaded no contest to one count of aggravated criminal sodomy and three counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. All the remaining charges were dismissed with prejudice as part of the plea agreement. On January 13, 2014, he was officially sentenced to 24.5 years. He spoke briefly, apologizing to his victims and acknowledged and thanked his family that was in attendance, telling them he loved them. In the fall of 2014, he filed an appeal and before the end of the year, the Kansas Supreme Court had summarily dismissed it.


This page is set aside for information on Nathan Dudley, the new pastor of Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church, as well as the more recent events involving the church. Will things be the same or different at the church? What does the new pastor believe and teach?

Faith Tabernacle Sign

Information On Edwin Roland Young

An in depth look at Edwin Young and Faith Tabernacle is found here.

Information On Jordan Charles Young

An in depth look at Jordan Young and the felony charges made against him is found here.

Videos From A Former Faith Tabernacle Member

A series of videos from a former member of Faith Tabernacle are found here. In these, she shares some of her experiences as well as thoughts regarding recent events, as well as her attendance at the open house and installation services.

Nathan A. Dudley

A New Pastor: Nathan Alan Dudley

About a week after Edwin Young resigned as pastor of Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church, church members decided to vote on a replacement. In the beginning, it appeared that this person would be Don Boyer, who had long been involved in the church. He declined the invitation to be the new pastor. Due to this, the church elected Nathan Alan Dudley as pastor by a majority, but not unanimous, vote.

He lives in Valley Center, which is a suburb of Wichita. It is rumored that he will be selling his home and that he and his wife are temporarily living in Edwin Young's office at the church. In what we believe to have been the last couple years while Edwin Young was pastor, he converted some upstairs Sunday School rooms into his office (where the jacuzzi was installed) and the office is big enough to live in.

Nathan Dudley first met the Westbergs as an evangelist when he and his wife were pretty young. Apparently at some point they considered coming to Junction City, but then decided to pastor in Wichita.

Dudley pastored a good sized church and held numerous conferences at Calvary Apostolic Church (909 N. St. Paul Street, Wichita, Kansas- now called Heritage Family Church and they have moved to 3840 N. Seneca, having sold the St. Paul Street property) and has been in Wichita for years. In 2016, he is still listed as the bishop of that church. The church on St. Paul Street is beautiful. There was a "competition" between Dudley and Young, at least once, over who would have the most in Easter attendance. Wichita won hands down.

Edwin Young was angry one year when members went to Wichita because they had a proxima and projected their songs and Bible verses. He was angry because supposedly one of the young people forgot their Bible and someone from Wichita said not to worry about it, that it was on the screen anyway. And some people didn't bother to open their Bibles but just read the screen.

Nathan Dudley had been involved in the United Pentecostal Church for years, becoming the District Superintendent after the death of L.E. Westberg. He remained in that position through about 2004 (the last UPC church directory in which he is listed), when he left the UPC. Greggory K. Riggen took his place as the District Superintendent. (Riggen is also now no longer UPC affiliated.) The Kansas District has always been small in its number of churches and has had more than its share of problems over the years. Churches pulled out of the organization some time back, but all this is another story and too detailed to cover in this article.

We believe that Nathan Dudley was born November 16, 1955 and has been married for many years to Wynnette, born December 27, 1958, who plays piano very well. He has an older airplane from 1960 registered in his name.

There have been reports that Pastor Dudley has allegedly been preaching against Edwin Young during services. Some members have destroyed their CDs of church services or markered through Edwin Young's name and picture on them if they are sermons from others who visited the church. It is also said that the church is in debt, allegedly due to the actions of Edwin Young. There are also reports that members have been told to not speak to others about what happened. Pastor Dudley shared in an interview with Lindsey Rogers that the church was bringing in counselors to help members who might need one. It is unsure as to the type of counselors involved, as many Apostolic churches do not agree with seeing a "secular" counselor outside of the church, due to possible non-Christian advice and the use of psychology. Edwin Young termed it "psycho-babble."

Darlyene Westberg called in to the church when L.E. Westberg died, from the cruise ship they were on, and was put on over the microphone system to tell the church he had a stroke. There are reports she did likewise after Edwin Young resigned, and encouraged members to stay in the church and not leave. She doesn't attend there anymore, but goes to an Apostolic church in Ohio.

Some have already left the church and we expect more will follow over time. There have been less vehicles seen in the church parking lot, since Edwin Young resigned, than would be normal. Even the Sunday after the open house in late September, there were a number of empty parking spaces. That is something that would not have happened before. Previously, Edwin Young had requested that families ride together to assure there would be parking space for everyone. In addition, it appears that members have not been as readily seen in town as in the past.

Some members are publicly saying that it was just Edwin and Jordan Young and since they have been found out and are gone, they are now "moving on" and looking to have "revival" and see people come into the church. It is our opinion that these people are mistaken. One does not simply "move on" after such things. It is also unlikely that there will be people pouring into the church as the details of the situation continue to unfold and become public knowledge. That was also shown by the scarcity of visitors at the open house.

Nathan Dudley's Board

One thing that Nathan Dudley has instituted as the new pastor, is to have a board of ministers to which he is supposedly accountable. These names, along with phone numbers, are posted in the church. It is supposed to be a safety factor for the members, that should they have a serious concern about their new pastor, they are free to call any of these men and report it. The church is independent and so there is no church organization where a member could report possible wrongdoing.

This is a positive change for the church, especially considering that people had gone to Edwin Young with concerns and proper action was not taken and there was no one else to which they could appeal.

A potential difficulty in this new set up is the question of whether or not any of the board members would truly listen and investigate. There is a strong emphasis in these more conservative churches to obey the pastor and that one should not speak against the "man of God." Many teach that the pastor is God's gift to the church and that you should not question God's choice of the person placed over the church. In addition, there is the teaching that one is not to receive an accusation against a minister unless there is more than one witness. There is also the difficulty that none of these men attend the church (one lives in Arizona and another in Illinois) and would not see day to day operations. How these beliefs will come into play should a member feel the need to contact one of these ministers is yet unknown. It is hoped that no matter who was to report something or whether it was initially just one person, that it would be taken seriously and fully investigated. Despite these reservations, we do applaud Nathan Dudley for this change.

However, there is concern other than this. Some are reporting that Dudley acknowledged that he knew something was not right at Faith Tabernacle, before Young resigned and his son were arrested. Some report that he has shared he heard the rumors. If these things are true, would these board members do likewise and not take action? These were not silly "rumors" about nothing really important at the church, but were very serious allegations. A question to ask is if Dudley took any action on his feelings and what he had heard? If he did not, that leaves one with serious doubts regarding his leadership.

His board members are Steve Kelly, Ron Townsley and Ron Garrett.

Will Things Change Much?

Many are probably wondering how things might change at Faith Tabernacle or what the new pastor believes and teaches. We have already shown above where Nathan Dudley has a board that church members may contact should anything seem amiss during his pastorate.

It is felt that Nathan Dudley's sermons have not been distracted as Edwin Young's were as he doesn't appear to be jumping all around to various topics. You can understand what he is saying and he will expound upon a passage. We see this as something positive. People do not need fluff, a bunch of personal stories or shouting about homosexuals and women's lib, or sermons of little substance, especially with what this church has been through.

He also spoke briefly to the media and agreed to the on camera segment done by WIBW reporter, Lindsey Rogers. This would not have been done by Edwin Young. It is our belief that Dudley should be more open with the media and share what has happened, such as the alleged money stolen by Edwin Young, and what is being done to protect church members from ever being harmed as they were by past leadership. He should also address just what type of counseling has been provided to members, as is addressed elsewhere on this page.

Pastor Dudley is very similar to Edwin Young in his beliefs of what is termed holiness standards. In fact, Apostolic identity was addressed in the message he gave at the installation service for his son. He will be continuing to teach these standards, though it is possible he will ease up on some of them. The extent of any changes is yet unknown. We do know that some rules that were posted in the bathrooms are no longer there, nor are the dating rules posted.

Dudley has stated that the pride at Faith Tabernacle is going to go (see information on his installation service) and we see this as a very positive thing if it happens and the members that need to change do so. A holier-than-thou and superior attitude toward other Christians is never right, regardless of anyone's beliefs.

It had been reported in late 2012 that it was said in service that if one leaves Faith Tabernacle, that they will end up in a pig pen. Things like this are scare tactics and it bothers us these are yet being taught at this church.

In 2013, Dudley has preached on backsliders and how you should love them, etc. (For those unaware, the talk of backsliders in a church such as this, does not carry the same meaning as it would in a mainstream church. A backslider could be someone who only left that church, but yet still loves and follows God.) The church has still been handing out cards, inviting people to the church, and has tried to get people to return who were once members.

Nathan Dudley did have communion in March 2013, which it is good to see that the church has started to practice this again. This should never be taught in fear.

On the negative side, it is still believed by members that one needs a pastor in order to be saved. Many still feel there is no place for them to go should they leave.

Faith Tabernacle

A Note To Nathan Dudley

I want to make something clear about these pages on Faith Tabernacle, Edwin Young & Jordan Young. There is only one person who owns this website and only one person who has access to post anything on it and that is myself- Lois Gibson. At his installation service, Nathan Dudley confronted a former member who attended and asked her if she was the one who was posting "all that stuff" on He didn't bother to ask her why, not before or after asking the question. Instead, he brought up the worn out labels, mentioning anger and bitterness. When she mentioned to him about hearing why she left the church, he showed no interest in listening to her story. Doing this on the heels of an open house where he was attempting to get people to come out to the church, and in speaking of healing at the installation services, it sent a different message to her than the one portrayed by these events.

You have no idea the number of things that could have been posted here or were delayed in posting and this is yet happening. In addition, these writings are by no means the result of one person. It is a collaborative effort just as stated at the beginning. It involves things shared from several people who have attended or been members of Faith Tabernacle over many years. It involves what some currently associated with the church have shared. It involves things shared from others who have no connection with the church. I have spoken to, met and have email contact with a number of people in an effort to compile this information. It involves research done by myself as well as things that have been openly displayed and discovered on the internet. In addition, I was in Junction City for just over two weeks recently.

Had there been a chance of this former member returning, since at the open house you (Nathan Dudley) shared she needed to get back in a good Apostolic church, while looking more than once at her exposed elbows, I believe you totally blew it. So very many people have been harmed in a number of ways at this church and this is what a former member sees and hears when they return?

And if you now have spoken of her to the church members, it is just what Edwin Young would have done. There shouldn't be any problem in her sharing about these events that anyone could have attended. You should be wanting things out in the open, so as to avoid a repeat of history and so people may learn from what happened. Whether you like it or not, church events have been and continue to be discussed elsewhere online, and I might add have said many things I would never allow to be posted here. You should be talking openly to the community and trying to repair the reputation of the church, admitting the abuses and sharing what is being done to rectify those situations. You should be reaching out to former members, instead of looking at them as angry and bitter, and attempt to minister to their hurts and concerns, regardless of whether they will ever set foot in Faith Tabernacle or another Apostolic church again, and whether or not their elbows show.

This isn't a time to focus on Apostolic identity in any clothing or the showing of elbows. You had a woman standing right in front of you on two separate occasions and you failed to address or even acknowledge her past hurts and the wrong done to her under Edwin Young's time of being the pastor. You may claim that healing comes instantly in one service, but you don't seem to understand the many, many people who have been harmed by attending Faith Tabernacle and that these type of things do not simply vanish and go away because it is proclaimed by you or another in a church service. There are people who cannot attend another church, no matter the type of church, because of what happened to them in the past at the church you now pastor.

There is one thing I gave a UPC pastor a lot of credit for when they took over the pastorate of a church I formerly attended. He took the time to try and contact prior members and reach out to them. He knew people had been hurt in the church. If you wish to undo the reputation the church has in the community, you will need to do much more than shake hands of local officials and have an open house that hardly anyone attended except members of the church and similar churches. You will need to do much more than tell members of Faith Tabernacle that God has healed them in the installation service. You will need to do much more than bring in a number of Apostolic ministers for some special services to tell the people they are with the church. You will need to do more than talk down Edwin Young in services. It will take a great deal of hard work, admitting and speaking of past problems and transparency on your part to change the outside perception of the church.

We would welcome from you a letter detailing the changes you have made and will be making in an effort to make Faith Tabernacle a safe place to attend.

Faith Tabernacle

Open House Reception: September 29, 2012

Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church held an open house on Saturday, September 29, 2012 from 2 till 4 PM as an opportunity to meet and greet the new pastor, Nathan Dudley. Wynnette Dudley stated before the event, that all the church members had not yet met her and her husband and so they had given members different times that they were to come to the open house. People who called the church to inquire about the open house were asked their name by both Don Boyer and her.

The day before, men were seen mowing on the church property and people were making sure the church was ready for the event. Cupcakes and punch were prepared for the occasion.

Prior to the event, the church had placed ads in at least two newspapers, according to reports. The ads showed a smiling Pastor & Mrs. Dudley and stated they had a "long and close relationship" with the city and church. It went on to share they evangelized in the late 70s, and that L.E. Westberg had encouraged them to pastor in Independence. They remained there for ten years, and more recently celebrated their 20th anniversary in Wichita. It ended with, "The Dudleys would like to extend a warm invitation to old friends and welcome the opportunity to make new acquaintances." Nothing was mentioned in the article about Darlyene Westberg attending. It was reported she had arrived the day before. At the church, there were also color postcard size pictures of the church with the notice on them.

It appears that Nathan Dudley has been trying to reach out to the community. In the days prior to the open house he been seen at Fort Riley, shaking hands with local officials.

Inside the church, all pictures of the Youngs had been removed. There were pictures displayed of the Dudleys and L.E. and Darlyene Westberg. There were new floral arrangements.

The bathroom rules were not on display and the dating rule signs were also not seen. The doors were unlocked and ushers were stationed at all the doors and greeted those who arrived.

There were tapes of sermons displayed outside of Colbert Hall that had price tags of $1.00. None were of Edwin or Jordan Young.

According to reports, most everyone in attendance were members of Faith Tabernacle. Some members from the Dudley's church in Wichita came. Only a very small handful appeared to be actual visitors and these were easily seen by their attire as church members and those from Wichita dressed up. A woman was seen in jeans, another in short sleeves, another in shorts or a short skirt and a top with spaghetti straps and a man was seen in a polo shirt with short sleeves. (All of these would be unacceptable attire for members of either church.) Visitors were encouraged to come to services.

The Dudleys sat inside Colbert Hall on the Eisenhower side of the hall, while Westberg sat on the Burke side of the hall. (The church is at the corner of Burke and Eisenhower.) Pictures were taken by the two members who usually do so at church events.

There was a long line of people waiting to greet Darlyene Westberg. In comparison, a handful were in line to greet Pastor & Mrs. Dudley. They stood as people came to greet them.

A number of members remained at the church for all or most of the two hours, while others came and went at various times.

There was a special time for the ministers and their wives after the open house, as they gathered together for a catered dinner from a local barbecue place run by a church member.

Pictures were hurriedly taken in anticipation of the event.

Nathan Dudley's Installation: October 5, 2012

On Friday, October 5, 2012, Faith Tabernacle held an installation service for the new pastor at 7:30 PM. This isn't a normal service night. Darlyene Westberg was in attendance, but did not play a role in the service. The only member of the Young family seen at these events was Thurman Young, Edwin's brother.

On the night before, in Wichita, Dudley's son Jonathan, was installed as the new pastor of Heritage Family Church (formerly Calvary Apostolic Church). Faith Tabernacle Church cancelled their services (their midweek service is on Thursday and Heritage Family is on Friday) in order to attend the installation service in Wichita.

To our knowledge, neither of these installation services were advertised in the newspapers as the open house was. They may not have wanted the media or members of the community to possibly attend.

Ministers from all over the country were in attendance. Our list may not be complete, some names may be misspelled, and we do not know most of their first names (ministers are not addressed by their first names in these churches). In attendance at one or both of the installation services were: Harvel (Emporia, KS), King (originally from Faith Tabernacle, now in Topeka, KS), Melendez (Panama), Joel Pace I & II (TX), Akres (Halls Valley, OK), Ayala (originally from Faith Tabernacle, now in Ulysses, KS), Craig (OH), Warren (Gainsville, TX), Don Boyer (Faith Tabernacle), Wild (Faith Tabernacle), Thurman Young (Faith Tabernacle), Wurst (Augusta, KS), Goff (KS), Steven Carrier & son (Salina), Mayes (Kansas City area), Riggen (Kansas City- used to be the KS UPC District Superintendent after Nathan Dudley), Scott (Arkansas), Wayne Riley (Shiloh), D.C. Moody (MI), Osmond (KY), Avery (KY), Blankenship (WV), Gary Howard (Tulsa, OK), Steve Epley (Springfield, MO), Ron Townsley (IL), Ron Garrett (AZ), Gruber & Berry (Manhattan, KS), Bakers, Ross (Kansas City), Jonathan Dudley (Wichita, KS), and Gene Hamilton (Faith Tabernacle).

Below is a video about "Mr. Dudley's" shooting of a home intruder on November 29, 2014.

Jonathan Dudley Installation:

At the installation of Jonathan Dudley, there was a presentation of various gifts and flowers and a voice over during the service where various ministers and church members said things in support of him.

One minister said during the service that the devil was trying to take every church off course. Pastor Blankenship said that it wasn't curiosity, but confidence that brought them to the service. They didn't come to gaze but to show loyalty.

Nathan Dudley was the speaker for the evening and his message was entitled, "The Apostolic Identity Crisis." He started his message by laughing about how some men dress today with sagging pants and that they think they are unique when they look just like the rest of them. He said there was more to life than things like going to bars. There is a better way, a better life in church by the power of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38-39 was mentioned as well as turning from sin.

He stated that a person's true identity is found after getting in church and that there was a difference between an Apostolic church and other churches. He went on to say that a person may find their identity and then lose it. You may have the name Apostolic but may have lost the identity of a true Apostolic church, what it means and what it is about. Psalm 78:1-8 was mentioned.

It was said that there should never be a decline in the word and works of God and the power of God. God doesn't plan for the next generation to be lukewarm, but that from generation to generation it should be more glorious and more powerful. The next generation should experience more of God than this generation. They should be closer to Jesus in spirit, attitude, heart, love, holiness and evangelism. Not more like other churches.

He then said they that compare themselves to themselves are unwise (yet just made a comparison to other churches) and that they won't compare themselves to other churches. (I believe he is referring to Apostolic Pentecostal churches here.) The standard is the word of God and everyone of them has a long way to go. Psalm 78:8-11 & 60 were mentioned.

Above are two videos made by a former Faith Tabernacle member, who attended both installation services & the open house.

Nathan Dudley Installation:

"Everybody Will Be Happy," "Amazing Grace" and a song about from the pulpit to the door were sung during the opening song service. When "I'll Fly Away" was sung, a man was seen going up the aisles, flapping his arms.

Jonathan Dudley had some things to say at the beginning of his father's installation service. He shared that two months ago, their world was reeling and rocking and turned upside down. Now they have been given hope again and a dream. He told Faith Tabernacle members that their best days were ahead of them. He admonished them to take care of his bishop, the gem God had sent to lead them and that they were part of something big and precious.

Letters were read from Vaughn Morton in California (Edwin Young worked with him when he was in Fresno) and Scott Hill in Texas. Flowers were sent from various churches, including the Bowlings and from the McKellops at the Plaster Rock Church in Canada (they have had problems that hit the media, too).

Someone said, probably one of the ministers present, that they had never seen Nathan Dudley do anything unethical, un-Christian, say any off-color jokes, no sexual innuendos, but was pure. It was said that some of them have lost family members, have a backslid spouse or kids and that they were coming back. That God was faithful and will answer prayers and that they had a man of God to lead them. There is nothing more powerful than God's man in God's place. There were then some passages from Ezekiel mentioned.

Someone said something on the line of that the devil would like the darkness of your past to determine the trajectory of your future. Moses and the burning bush were mentioned and both L.E. Westberg and Nathan Dudley were likened to Moses. It was said that Dudley is a man who has his heart made up to get closer to the fire, like Moses walked closer to the burning bush.

Referring to the time of Moses, it was said that in a time of turmoil and uncertainty, God said He heard the cries and afflictions of His people. Moses wouldn't stop getting closer to God. He wanted people to be free and Pharaoh to taste judgment.

Jonathan Dudley said that tonight the spirit of oppression wanted to destroy, and that is why God sent his father (Nathan Dudley) to stop that spirit and have victory. A story was then shared that Pastor Booker used to tell about a sniper in WWII that he read about in a book. The sniper had supposedly said that the biggest mistake he made was to take down a general because all the soldiers arose to the occasion afterward. It was said the church (Faith Tabernacle) could arise and be more victorious than ever.

It was told to the members that God has not forgotten them, nor the sacrifice of L.E. Westberg and others. God is able to restore, to lift the reproach off the church, to make Faith Tabernacle as it was in its youth.

Someone said that God has sent them one of his "choicest." (Meaning Nathan Dudley.) They said you can tell a lot about a church by the caliber of the man God sends to a church.

This thought poses some difficult questions. Years back when Edwin Young came to the church, it was felt that God sent him, too. Yet it appears that Edwin already had serious problems before he returned to Faith Tabernacle United Pentecostal Church as their then new pastor.

There was an altar call about 1.5 hours into the service, after two messages in tongues and interpretation, and before any possible sermon. (Tongues and interpretation means someone present speaks in another tongue, or language, normally not known by anyone present. There is usually a brief period of silence and then the interpretation is given of what was just said and it may be the same person or someone different. This means that what was not understood in the tongues given is now being said in the language that those present speak. It is supposed to be the Holy Spirit speaking through each person using these two gifts of the Spirit. See 1 Corinthians 12-14. However, because people have control over the gifts, they can be misused and are sometimes nothing more than the individual themselves speaking.)

One of the tongues and interpretations spoke about following God and He will lead them (the ministers at Faith Tabernacle), they will lead you (the members) and to follow these men (the ministers). I am the Lord your God. Wait on God, there is something more God wants to say. It was said to give God thanks.

The second tongues and interpretation happened soon after the first and said that the Lord will gather thee and heal thee and to bring their hurts to me and I will pour out oil. I will restore all the enemy wanted to take. I will prove I love thee and no weapon formed against thee will prosper. I will prove my love to you and prove my hand is on the one I sent. There was something said about there being signs and wonders and that they will say the Lord is with thee.

I well remember tongues and interpretations happening at my former United Pentecostal Church. Often it was one of the pastor's daughters that gave the interpretation. She was quite protective of her father, at times caused problems in the church because of this, and one time during her "interpretation" I saw her walking around the church angrily, pointing her finger as if chastising people. That is not how the gifts are supposed to work or be used. The apostle Paul shared in 1 Corinthians that the gifts are to be used for the mutual benefit of the believers gathered together and to edify and strengthen them, among other things.

While I do not totally discount these gifts of the Spirit, I do question many of them today, especially ones such as these two that tell people in some way to look to and follow the pastor. It is also interesting when people speak in King James Version talk, even though Jesus never did so and there is no reason why God would choose to speak to people in a manner in which they do not speak today. But that is another matter.

I also remember an ordained UPC minister in another state share that he would sometimes give an interpretation- meaning that he was saying it was all HIM and not the gift in operation. While he did not appear to do it for wrong or evil intentions, it was still appearing to be something from God to the people, when in fact it was just him and not God at all. Unfortunately, often in Pentecostal type churches, when something happens in a service it is believed to be from God. People have been pulled into numerous false teachings and so-called "moves of God" due to this mindset.

After the two messages described above, Nathan Dudley held an altar call (a time when people go up front in the church to pray and be prayed for) and he asked if there was any balm in Gilead. He stated that God would administer the balm of healing tonight to those who will open up. He proclaimed healing will come tonight. The people needed to open up, to turn loose, and to forgive.

He went on to share that God had done a quick work in the past two months and will continue. (This is referring to the two months since Edwin Young abruptly resigned and left and all the things that had been happening started being spoken of out in the open.) God doesn't want them to take one to two years of grieving. (I believe this to be an unwise statement on the part of Nathan Dudley. Some extremely serious and harmful things happened to what appears to be more than two dozen people [speaking of the boys and young girls]. They are not things that one recovers from easily or quickly and are certainly not something that is miraculously healed in a special installation service.)

He continued to say that the church needed a healing and God did an operation on this church tonight. Not only did they need a healing among them internally, but also toward the ministry. He said he hoped they didn't have anything in their heart about any man on the platform tonight. (There were several "horsemen" seated there.) He stated these men are of God. They love truth and are good men. These men haven't just come because they're friends of his, but because they love Faith Tabernacle and want God's best for the church.

Dudley went on to say that it feels good to have all these churches together (at one point or another, Edwin Young had dissed most of the churches), worshiping God together, and he was thankful they were all in the church tonight. He stated they won't compare themselves among themselves and that Faith Tabernacle isn't better than any other church in Kansas. (By this he would be speaking of Apostolic Pentecostal churches. Members of Faith Tabernacle often had a superior attitude about themselves, something that was promoted by Edwin.) He further shared that we're going to get the pride out of Faith Tabernacle.

He shared that he could never fill the shoes or boots of the bishop (a reference to L.E. Westberg), but he'll endeavor to walk in his footsteps. He said that the promise made to Westberg, the promise they feel God made to him, is still alive tonight. (That promise was to fill the sanctuary. It is shared that God asked has he [Westberg] ever built anything that he [God] hasn't filled?)

Hear Westberg call people in the church names like "stupid chicken" and hear him proclaim that in two separate incidents, backslid people died in fiery car accidents. God rejected those people, turning against them and he says that he believes when the preacher's son was dying and calling out to God, that he heard God laugh at him. These are just Parts One & Two of four.

Apostolic Doctrine & Holiness Conference

Nathan Dudley and Edwin Young would sponsor yearly Holiness Conferences. At some point before Edwin resigned, he told church members that they would no longer be attending these. We are unaware of the reason or if he and Dudley had a falling out.

The Apostolic Doctrine & Holiness Conference was held at the Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center on 225 W. Douglas in Wichita, Kansas from October 17-19, 2012. It appears from the Center's website, there will not be one held at that location in 2013.

That does not at all mean Nathan Dudley is letting down on upholding standards and other doctrine. He can be seen and heard at Apostolic Legacy Conferences and similar events. He is scheduled to speak at the September 9-11, 2014 Conference. In July 2013, his sermon was "The Tipping Point" when he spoke in Colorado. These conferences push what they call the "old paths" and standards, plus main Apostolic doctrine.

Above is an audio clip of a sermon where Nathan Dudley speaks of desiring to be like your pastor and that you cannot be saved without a pastor.

Podcast of Nathan Dudley- If you would like an idea of the preaching style of the new pastor and how things may be at Faith Tabernacle Church under his pastorate, one free podcast of Nathan Dudley preaching is available on iTunes and was uploaded May 3, 2012. It is entitled, "Apostolic Attitude." You will need to scroll through the list to find it. It's essential to follow the spiritual leadership (pastor) and you should desire to be just like and imitate your pastor, pray like he prays, etc. Women should dress like the pastor's wife dresses. If they don't wear something, then you shouldn't wear it. Your pastor is God's gift to you. If you've got questions, the only one you should go to is your pastor, not anyone else, even other ministers. "The only way you're ever going to get to Christ is to follow a man of God. The only way that you're ever going to make it in the rapture is to follow a man of God. Amen! You can't make it without a pastor. You can't be saved without a pastor. You need a pastor and you need to imitate him. You need to be like him. You need to look at your pastor. Take a close look at him. ...Imitate him. Do what he does. In prayer. In worship. ...He is the one who is responsible for your soul. ...God's going to be with you if you'll do what your pastor does."

Steve Epley Preaches Revival - March 2013

Conservative pastor Steve Epley, who is well known on some apostolic related discussion boards, preached three special services at the church from March 12-14, 2013. Epley pastors an independent Apostolic church in Racine, Missouri. He is good friends with Dudley and is known for following and teaching the standards and not bending on apostolic teachings. Nathan Dudley's son, Jonathan, preached revival for Epley in April 2012 and Nathan preached at their annual camp meeting the summer of 2012 when he was still pastor in Wichita.

One of the most extreme statements I've heard is from this man, who stated in two posts on an apostolic board: "I would rather have every family member I have on alcohol and drugs than sitting in a false church and you can print that on USA TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...." & "A false church is one that does NOT preach Acts 2:38 as God's plan of salvation." (Comments made on September 11, 2005 on Faithchild Forum.) On May 5, 2006 he made the following statement on the New Faithchild Forum, "I remember an event that I thought would generate some interest. I man who thought himself very philsophical asked me once. "You are Oneness are you not? What is the main difference between we Trinitarians and you Oneness people? If you could please give me something short and concise since I am in a hurry?" I said yes sir the main difference is "saved and lost." Excuse me" he said looking questioning? "Yes we are saved and you are lost that would be the main difference." He seemed a little "put off" as the philsophical would say." (Both forums are no longer in operation.) More recently in January 2014, Epley wrote about ex-Pentecostals on Facebook, "They have zero going on in there lives with the exception of bitterness and hatred and the opportunity to spue it. I imagine if you search anti-Pentecostal sites they would all be there cursing everything that is holy and righteous. Same crew saying the same old stuff. But judgment day will shut them up forever. ...Read Jude God has already made reservations for them." I have long posted the first two quotes on another page of the website, but felt it was appropriate to also add them here to give readers a better idea of the mindset of some of the ministers and churches.

In his first service at Faith Tabernacle, he preached on Rahab the harlot. There were the usual altar calls and prayer for people. In the final service he talked about it never being too late for a miracle.

The Return Of Darlyene Westberg

Darlyene Westberg, widow of the previous pastor of Faith Tabernacle and in her late 70s, has returned to the Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church. There had previously been talk of her possible return and we have now confirmed this happened.

This is probably a nice fit for both her and Nathan Dudley. Dudley is well aware of how some esteem her & her late husband and in his installation service he made reference to this. At the open house, the line to greet her was much longer than the one to greet Mr. & Mrs. Dudley and the event was for the purpose of meeting and greeting them. Having her return to the church would reinforce what he said about endeavoring to walk in L.E.'s footsteps. Her attendance may well keep some members there who perhaps may have left otherwise (with all that has transpired).

While some do not like the Westbergs, nor have fond memories of them, there are others who almost idolize them and feel no one should speak a negative word about them. Some members of the church yet call her "mom," something that many, but not all, members called her when L.E. pastored. Not everyone felt she should be called such as she wasn't their mother, nor did she act toward them as a mother would. (For those unaware, she has been known to have a very sharp tongue and wasn't always the nicest to some people.) There is a shrine of sorts at the church, with a room dedicated to the memory of L.E. Westberg. Having Mrs. Westberg there may serve as a rallying point for some who will look back to what they feel were Faith Tabernacle's better days and also encourage them in the seemingly never ending quest for the revival that will fill the church.

It is also wondered if she might still receive money from the church, due to her husband pastoring for years. It is known that the church did send her money in the past, at least nearer the earlier time when Edwin Young pastored. He spoke of the matter openly, claiming the church still supported her even though she had hurt him and left. However, things she said also inferred that he hurt her. A story being told in 2013 by some at the church is that she was told by Young not to return and that is why she did not previously do so. Despite this story, the truth is that Darlyene Westberg made several visits to the church after she left and while Young was yet pastor.

I don't imagine that Edwin Young wanted her around after he fully took the reigns of the church. That would most likely have been a control issue for him and may have caused him to feel insecure, being concerned that members might seek her counsel on issues instead of him, as a number of them were doing during the time she ran the church. Even after Edwin officially became the pastor, she still had her office in the church and people still went to talk to her. Both her and Edwin co-presided over some weddings. In all this, she may not have had a choice in remaining at the church for very long when it switched hands.

When she first left, she went to the church Nathan Dudley pastored in Wichita, before later moving on to Ohio, where she was when things fell apart at Faith Tabernacle in August 2012.

An area to note in Darlyene Westberg leaving Faith Tabernacle is that the church did send her money and there was praise for the Westbergs, despite Edwin Young claiming she had hurt him. Yet if any of the other members of the church had desired to go elsewhere to church (or move) for any other reason than marriage, they would have been proclaimed backslid and told they were bound for hell. They would have been talked about negatively in sermons and privately and members may have been told to have no contact with them. Somehow Darlyene Westberg avoided being treated in this manner.

50th Anniversary Services - August 22-25, 2013

Special services celebrating the 50th anniversary of Faith Tabernacle were held from August 22 through the 25th, 2013.

Perhaps hearing the experience of Linda Murphrey, daughter of former Baptist pastor Jack Hyles, who lived a different life than what church members perceived, will help some close to this situation. Hyles was First Baptist's founder, where in 2012, pastor Jack Schaap was removed for having sex with an underage female.

Spiritual Abuse

We realize many reading have been hurt in a church by spiritual abuse. The book I have recommended the most on the subject is "The Subtle Power Of Spiritual Abuse" by David Johnson and Jeff VanVonderen. Broken into three parts, the authors cover abuse and its victims, leaders and why they are trapped, and recovery from abuse. It is one of the first books I read on the subject after leaving an unhealthy church. If you only want to read one book on the subject from a Christian perspective, read this one. You may order it through here.

You are also encouraged to take the time to explore this site. There is a great deal of information available on spiritual abuse in general plus other resources and also on Apostolic churches. There is help available to the hurting. You are not alone and there is hope. We also offer an online support group that you may read about here.

Media Coverage & Other Links


Audio Preaching Clips- from Edwin Young, Jordan Young, L.E. Westberg and Nathan Dudley.

(Most of the videos below were made private on or around September 9, 2012, after we linked to them. Screen shots have been added. They are all from this Vimeo user, who does some beautiful photography in the Junction City area and is a member of the church.)

50th Anniversary- Faith Tabernacle's 50th Anniversary Services from August 22-25, 2013. This went private the day we posted the link (9/14/13). A screen shot may be found here.

50th Anniversary Multi-Cultural Midget Man- Faith Tabernacle's 50th Anniversary Services puppet show from August 24, 2013. A screen shot may be found here in case it goes private.

Easter Puppet Show- Faith Tabernacle's Easter puppet show from 2014.

Family Fun Night: Spanish Theme- March 22, 2013, held at Riddle Hall. In anticipation that this will be made private, a screen shot is here.

Fall Family Fun Day- November 3, 2012 at Riddle Hall. To see the screen shot from the fun day, click here. (This one was made private around November 16, 2012.)

[Thoughts from a former member on the fun day: The "Family Fun Day" is a more recent thing that I believe started in '08 or '09. There is a yard sale and a lot of "fun" type things to do for kids. It's a combo fundraiser and "outreach." It's done at Riddle Hall.

I can't believe they had wigs and fake mustaches and pumpkin carving this year. To my memory, those would NEVER have been allowed when I was there. They also have a salon and I never saw it involve hair cuts for the guys before.

The ponies/donkeys and horses belong to two families in the church. The wigs and such are for silly pictures done by a couple in the church who own a photography studio.]

Church Work Day- June 30, 2012 To see the screen shot from the workday, click here. (This one was made private September 10, 2012.)

Apostolic Academy Music Recital- From 2012. To see the screen shot from the recital, click here.

Apostolic Academy Graduation- Kindergarten through 8th grade at Riddle Hall, from May 17, 2012. To see the screen shot from the graduation, click here.

Apostolic Academy Graduation- High School at Riddle Hall, from May 24, 2012. To see the screen shot from the graduation, click here.

Apostolic Academy Graduation Banquet- Graduation banquet at Riddle Hall, from May 25, 2012. To see the screen shot from the banquet, click here.

Faith Tabernacle Mother's Day- Mother's Day Baby Dedication, from 2012. You get to see a little inside Faith Tabernacle. To see the screen shot from the service, click here.

Media Coverage:

Lindsey Rogers had been the main investigative reporter on this situation until she moved to Tennessee around September 2013. She now reports in Alabama. Monty Thompson is the WIBW reporter who took her place and though he said he would continue coverage, it appears that he and WIBW dropped the ball, only posting two very brief articles and apparently did not attend any further court dates after Lindsey's last article in August 2013. Thankfully Tim Weideman of the Daily Union, faithfully pursued the case until sentencing. Dewey Terrill of the Junction City Post continued coverage past then to Jordan's 2014 appeal.

Church Minister Arrested For Alleged Child Sex Abuse by Lindsey Rogers - Posted August 13, 2012

Junction City Church Rocked By Scandal by Lindsey Rogers - Posted August 15, 2012 (includes interview with former member)

Minister Arrested Again In Church Sex Scandal by Lindsey Rogers - Posted August 17, 2012

In Court: Minister Facing Child Molestation Charges by Lindsey Rogers - Posted August 21, 2012

Hearing Continued For Junction City Minister by Lindsey Rogers - Posted August 28, 2012

Junction City Minister Tied To Two More Child Sex Abuse Cases by Lindsey Rogers - Posted August 30, 2012

Officials Shed Light On Victims In Junction City Church Sex Scandal by Lindsey Rogers - Posted August 31, 2012

Prosecutors: More Victims Come Forward In Church Molestation Probe by Lindsey Rogers - Posted September 6, 2012

Latest On Junction City Minister Facing Child Sex Abuse Charges by Lindsey Rogers - Posted October 11, 2012

Junction City Minister To Be Charged In 10 Child Molestation Cases by Lindsey Rogers - Posted November 15, 2012

State Waiting On DNA In Junction City Child Molestation Investigation by Lindsey Rogers - Posted January 10, 2013

Child Molestation Probe Involving Junction City Minister Continues by Lindsey Rogers - Posted April 4, 2013

Hearing In Junction City Child Molestation Cases Pushed Back by Lindsey Rogers - Posted May 2, 2013

Prosecution & Defense Reviewing JC Child Molestation Cases by Lindsey Rogers - Posted June 4, 2013

Junction City Minister To Take Plea Deal In Child Molestation Scandal by Lindsey Rogers - Posted June 25, 2013

JC Minister Backs Out Of Plea Deal In Alleged Sex Abuse Scandal by Lindsey Rogers - Posted August 6, 2013

Junction City Minister At Center Of Scandal Gets New Hearing by Lindsey Rogers - Posted August 13, 2013

Junction City Minister Agrees To 24 Years In Prison Taken from KMAN Radio - Posted November 7, 2013

Junction City Minister Sentenced On Child Sex Charges Posted by Melissa Brunner - Posted January 13, 2014

- - - - - - -

(The Daily Union Articles appear to be no longer available online. They want people to subscribe. They did publish some others through at least August 2013 and you may search for those at their website.)

Young makes first appearance, bond set at $250K by Daily Union Staff - Posted August 14, 2012

Criminal complaint filed against Young by Daily Union Staff - Posted August 21, 2012

Complaint provides more details about Young by Daily Union Staff - Posted August 24, 2012

Jordan Young arrested in 2 additional cases Thursday by Daily Union Staff - Posted August 30, 2012

Young update: Investigators interviewing 13 alleged victims by Daily Union Staff - Posted September 6, 2012

Prosecutor awaiting DNA tests in Jordan Young case by Daily Union Staff - Posted November 15, 2012

Jordan Young Expected In Court Today by Daily Union Staff - Posted June 5, 2013

Former Church Leader May Enter Plea Deal by Daily Union Staff - Posted August 1, 2013

Young Faces Years In Prison by Tim Weideman - Posted November 7, 2013

Young May Serve 24 Years by Daily Union Staff - Posted November 9, 2013

Young Receives Nearly 25 Years by Tim Weideman - Posted January 14, 2014

- - - - - - -

Kansas Minister Arrested For Alleged Child Sex Crimes by KAKE News - Posted August 13, 2012

Church Minister Arrested by Dewey Terrill of the Junction City Post - Posted August 13, 2012

Jordan Young Arrested Again by Dewey Terrill of the Junction City Post - Posted August 30, 2012

Young Waives Preliminary Hearing by Dewey Terrill of the Junction City Post - Posted October 23, 2013

Former Church Music Director Pleads No Contest by Dewey Terrill of the Junction City Post - Posted November 6, 2013

Young Appealing Sentence by Dewey Terrill of the Junction City Post - Posted September 17, 2014

Young Appeal Dismissed by Dewey Terrill of the Junction City Post - Posted December 1, 2014

- - - - - - -

1978 disappearance of 13-year-old still a mystery from the Emporia Gazette - Posted October 24, 2014

1978 disappearance of 13-year-old still a mystery by Lynette Richards in The Washington Times - Posted October 24, 2014

1978 disappearance of 13-year-old still a mystery by Lynette Richards in The Times Leader - Posted October 24, 2014

Cold cases: New info surfaces in kidnapping case by Lynette Richards in The Daily Union - Posted December 3, 2014 (If this is unavailable, try here.)


A Blog Post- When A Pastor Morally Fails by Lois Gibson - Posted August 9, 2012

A Blog Post- Buh-Bye Pastor Edwin Young by Julie Anne Smith - Posted August 16, 2012

A Blog Post- How Did Pastor Edwin Young Treat Women? by Julie Anne Smith - Posted August 20, 2012

A Blog Post- Jordan Young Arrested Yet Again and Faith Tabernacle Pastors by Julie Anne Smith - Posted August 30, 2012

A Blog Post- Edwin Young and Touch Not Mine Anointed $1,000 Challenge by Julie Anne Smith - Posted September 4, 2012

A Blog Post- Pastor Edwin Young, Faith Tabernacle, Jordan Young Information by Julie Anne Smith - Posted October 8, 2012

A Blog Post- Faith Tabernacle Church: A Pastor Speaks out about Spiritual Abuse by Julie Anne Smith - Posted March 12, 2013

- - - - - - -

Blog Posts- When Leaders Fail & More by a former Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church Member - Posted August 2012

Blog Posts- A Call To Repentance & More by a former Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church Member - Posted September 2012

Blog Posts- Did God Do This & More by a former Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church Member - Posted October 2012 (This includes thoughts on recent church events and her story from being a Faith Tabernacle member.)

Blog Posts- Leaving & More by a former Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church Member - Posted November 2012 (This includes her walk away from Faith Tabernacle.)

Blog Posts- Group Think & More by a former Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church Member - Posted December 2012 (This includes her walk away from Faith Tabernacle & sharing of thoughts after she left.)

Blog Posts- Shunning & More by a former Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church Member - Posted January 2012 (This includes her walk away from Faith Tabernacle & sharing of thoughts after she left.)

- - - - - - -

A Blog Post- Spiritual Abusive Woman Hating Preacher Edwin Young Derailed! by Scarlett - Posted September 3, 2012

A Blog Post- Music Minister Jordan Young Arrested by Mojoey - Posted August 17, 2012

A Blog Post- Sometimes church folk get fed up by Mojoey - Posted September 3, 2012


Podcast of Edwin Young- One free podcast of Edwin Young preaching is available on iTunes and was uploaded May 3, 2012. It is entitled, "Jump In." About 45 minutes long. You will need to scroll through the list to find it. It is interesting to note he has to bring up effeminate men near the beginning. Also note that around 37:25 he speaks of shaking off spirits such as cigarettes, dope, a lustful eye, fornicating spirit and pervert spirit. This is from a camp meeting. [It appears this is no longer available. However, excerpts from this and other sermons may be found here.]

Podcast of Nathan Dudley- If you would like an idea of the preaching style of the new pastor and how things may be at Faith Tabernacle Church under his pastorate, one free podcast of Nathan Dudley preaching is available on iTunes and was uploaded May 3, 2012. It is entitled, "Apostolic Attitude." You will need to scroll through the list to find it. [Though this one is no longer available, another was added on March 12, 2014 titled "Proven Sincerity".]

Two Podcasts With Jordan Young Preaching & Singing At Christian Growth Center- Two free podcasts of Jordan are available on iTunes and were made available August 5, 2012. One is dated July 29, 2012 and the other is also believed to be from July. The titles are "7-29-2012" and "Let The Church Sound Off." [It appears they have removed the two sermons of Jordan Young around September 1, 2012, after we linked to them. Screen shots of the listings, that were also listed on their website, are found here and here. Excerpts from this and other sermons may be found here.]

Experiences of Former Faith Tabernacle Members:

Former members are free to submit their experiences for consideration to be added to our experience page. You may remain anonymous and will be able to view it, make any desired changes and approve it before it goes live. Even current members have a place to share should they desire to do so.

A Former Faith Tabernacle UPC Woman Shares- "I watched as people in the church, even members of my own family, were tormented for their mistakes. Ridiculed, preached against, and called in after church for a "one-on-one meeting" with the preacher. People kicked out of the church for making mistakes. I watched as members turned on other members, gossip, spying for the preacher, telling on other members. I really began to listen to the sermons. How mean they had become. Where was the love, the compassion? Why did it seem he was always angry preaching? Screaming and hollering, pointing out the flaws of the people and making everyone so fearful."

Elizabeth Smith: Former Faith Tabernacle UPC Woman- "Sis. Westberg asked for all the members to say something about her husband. So I testified that I was moving, but I would still keep the standards and take them with me. I got called in the office and surrounded by all the ministers, me and my ex-husband, and they questioned me about having a slit skirt, and a perm. I was devastated again. I vowed to never return. This time my ex-husband left with me."

Mary's UPC & Apostolic Experiences: Part Two- "Others were kicked out. They were publicly rebuked or labeled from the pulpit. Over time there was less and less affirmation and more and more rebuke for infractions-a skirt was too tight, a sleeve was too short-but not for real wrongs. We heard the same sermon over and over. It was that our church was great, our pastor was the greatest, he was the man of God and we'd better obey him, one day our church would take over the city, God would bless if we had enough faith."

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