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This is an attempt to give the reader a feel for the preaching style and manner of Edwin Young, ex-pastor of the Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church in Junction City, Kansas. It is to allow you to hear for yourselves, and not just take our word for some of the things he said and did. Edwin Young resigned amidst scandal and accusations of alleged immorality with a number of younger (of age) women, as well as financial accusations, in early August 2012. (To read about that, click here. To read a compilation of the rules at the church, click here.)

An untold number of people from this church have been hurt in one way or another over the years. People would believe whatever Edwin Young told them about a person or situation. They would stand and cheer him on when he would come down hard on homosexuality or fornication, or when he would tear into a member from the pulpit...and sometimes even a visitor. A number of people who left the church under his pastorate were pegged by him as homosexuals or fornicators, among other things. Members believed what he told them. Those who remained were subject to a number of rules and standards. Members were encouraged to report those they saw breaking any rules and the pastor would follow-up by confronting the offending party, whether the accusations were confirmed or not. This was considered 'testing the person's spirit,' or 'breaking them.'

Also included are two videos of Jordan Young preaching (son of Edwin Young, who was arrested on alleged sexually related charges with minor boys between 2008 and August 1, 2012) and one of Nathan Dudley, the new pastor of Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church.

We are also starting to include some sermons from L.E. Westberg. While I am well aware that some will become very angry at what I am going to say, the problems at Faith Tabernacle did not start with Edwin Young. It goes all the way back to the days of Leonard E. Westberg. You will see some of this in just one sermon that we have provided. God laughing at people going to hell did not originate with Edwin Young at Faith Tabernacle, it started with L.E. Westberg. Tattling about other members to the pastor did not originate with Edwin Young at Faith Tabernacle, it started with L.E. Westberg. A number of things originated with this man and Edwin continued the practices and added others.

Berating Members During Service

According to numerous reports from people, Edwin Young would periodically berate people from the pulpit during his sermons, as well as privately. Below is an example of this, shown in three videos. Part one shows the context of when it happened and as such, includes part of his sermon before he tears into a female member of the church. Part two is the majority of his rant and part three is the very end where he finally returns to his message. You need to at least watch parts one and two in order to see how he would be. If the audio bothers you too much, turn it off and just watch. We have included the complete transcript of the part where he rants in the videos. It may also be read here.

Pastors Rule And You Cannot Be Saved Without One

In some churches, there is a culture of obedience to the pastor. Some carry this to an extreme, to where whatever the pastor asks of you, you are to submit and do it. Another aspect is that some teach a person cannot be saved without a pastor and that you should desire to imitate and be like your pastor in prayer, worship, manner of dress and more. The two videos below will demonstrate how two pastors from Faith Tabernacle Apostolic Church believe and teach about pastors. The first is what was taught by Edwin Young, the former pastor, and the second is what is taught by Nathan Dudley, the current pastor. There are some other videos where pastors are mentioned and they will be noted in their description. In addition, both of Jordan Young's videos mention pastors.

More On Pastors Rule And You Cannot Be Saved Without One

Some have felt that Nathan Dudley's entire message should be available. We have therefore added parts one and two of his message on pastors (that is mentioned above). This is all of it except a little that came after video three. In Part One, he shares that leaders are to be examples, we should expect leaders to live what they preach and teach, and it is important who we desire to emulate. In Part Two, he shares that you may see people in other churches doing things that your pastor does not allow but that doesn't make it right, talks negative about children being on church sports teams or public school sports teams, and that it is essential and a necessity that you follow the spiritual leadership that God has placed over you. If someone doesn't obey the teachings of the pastor, you are not to keep company with them and if they come to you, you should admonish them as a brother; tell them you don't agree with them and they need to listen to what the pastor says and you're not going to hear them as long as they're not in agreement with what the pastor teaches.

Also of note, one the second one below, Dudley consults the original Greek. (I am pointing this out as some will say the original Greek words don't matter.) He stated that a word in the KJV that we read today, doesn't have the same meaning as the original Greek. In other words, he shared that if you give today's meaning to it, it is understood differently than what the writer meant. In addition, he says more than once that if you are not doing what is right, then you are not of God. Those who say no one should be saying anything negative about Edwin or Jordan Young need to consider that the new pastor teaches this. Thus, it would be okay to speak of them, as according to what Nathan Dudley teaches, they are not of God. Even Nathan Dudley himself has said things about Edwin, according to those who have heard him in service.

Jordan Young Preaching

Below are two audio clips from Jordan Young, from what we believe were given in late July 2012 in Pueblo, Colorado. Besides being known for his musical abilities, in playing instruments, singing, songwriting, arranging and producing, Jordan was also considered a minister and preached. We are unsure as to whether he held a ministerial license with an organization. In Pentecostal circles, a license is not always needed in order to be considered a minister or to be allowed in churches to preach.

In the first video above, Jordan Young speaks of the pastor being the watchman, you should walk the walk and submit yourself, testimonies, and that it matters how you live. In the second video, he speaks of the pastor and that he should be your favorite preacher, and he shares about meeting his wife at camp and breaking up with another woman at the same camp meeting (we cannot help but question the veracity of his statements on the latter). One comment made near the beginning is interesting, as he mentions feeling treated by the church where he is speaking as if he is "somebody" and says, "you and I both know better, especially God."

L.E. Westberg Preaching

This first sermon by L.E. Westberg gets pretty graphic and may be disturbing to some, so you are forewarned. It is in four parts, with part two being the most graphic. Westberg was the pastor at Faith Tabernacle from 1971 until his death in 2001. For many years he was the District Superintendent of Kansas for the United Pentecostal Church. He instituted a number of the rules for the church and you will hear a mention of the dating rules in this message. It was made when he was 56 on June 20, 1982.

In the first video above, you will hear Westberg call people in the church names like "stupid, silly ignorant chicken," "simple minded idiot," and "ignorant, stupid thing." He says that he is going to cut people there lose and let them slide into hell. In the second video, Westberg calls people in the church names like "stupid chicken" and proclaims that in two separate incidents, backslidden people died in fiery car accidents. God rejected those people, turning against them and he says that he believes when the Louisiana preacher's son was dying and calling out to God, that he heard God laugh at him. (God laughing at people going to hell did not originate with Edwin Young at Faith Tabernacle, it started with L.E. Westberg.) Also hear an alleged tongues and interpretation where "God" says his mercy is gone, he's going to turn against someone(s) in that church and will pour out his wrath that night.

In the first video above, you will hear Westberg tell people to tattle on each other to him and that it isn't wrong. If you do not tattle on others, their blood may be on your hands. (Tattling on people to the pastor did not originate with Edwin Young at Faith Tabernacle, it started with L.E. Westberg.) He also tells that he will be setting up dating rules and guidelines and he was going to be nasty about it. You'll be glad he laid it on your hide when you are in heaven. Also hear more scare talk about 25 stab wounds, your soul in hell and your body ravaged....plus your guts hanging out and your lungs on the steering wheel. In the second video, Westberg tells people to tattle on each other to him twice. You and him may pull the person out of hell or send them to hell. If anyone doesn't like you tattling, he will get them off your back. He lets them know that they haven't seen nasty at the church. But they are fixin' to see nasty.

Edwin Young Shares About Jordan Young

Below is an audio clip from Edwin Young. (This clip is part of the sermon where he rips into the woman.) Edwin Young speaks of Hannah, the birth of his son, Jordan Young, and Jordan's abilities. In it, you will hear him speak of a prayer he allegedly made when they were worried that Jordan wasn't going to make it. The message he conveys in the telling of this story would be hurtful to anyone who has lost a child. After he starts sharing about Jordan's abilities, he realizes some in the congregation might not like him bragging on his son and he starts yelling and it becomes a message of your child's abilities cannot compare to the greatness of the talents of Jordan.

Heifers, Oxen & Hypocrites

In some churches, women may have a different status than men and/or more may be required of them regarding outward standards. Some will not permit a woman to speak during a service. At Faith Tabernacle, the women have often been referred to as heifers. The term was started by Edwin Young's brother, Thurman Young, as somewhat of a joke. The use of the word escalated over time and was no longer used in a joking manner. The teen boys and singles would follow their pastor's lead and yell at the young ladies after church, calling them heifers and telling them to "sit down, and I'll teach you a few things about submission!" In the clip below, you will briefly hear Edwin Young use the term. (It is also found in one other clip and in another he alludes to it by mentioning "cow terminology.")

Miscellaneous Audio Clips

Below are a number of other audio clips from Edwin Young. This man was highly regarded by many Apostolic ministers within the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship, The United Pentecostal Church and independent Apostolic churches, and was considered to be an anointed preacher.

In the first video above, Edwin is preaching in Pueblo, Colorado during what we believe is 2012. He speaks of Paul shaking off the viper and likens that to shaking off spirits, being backslid in heart, over comers and he sings near the end. When he speaks of shaking off spirits, one wonders if he was speaking of himself at the time. In the second, he speaks of welcome to an Apostolic church, your heart is far from me, body language, church started in the prayer room, don't think you're pretty and you better be like a man, and mentions L.E. Westberg and his wife.

In the first video above, Edwin Young speaks of Hannah, revenge, not being sure how God feels about you, provoked by your enemy, and people pretending to be your best friend. In the second video, he speaks of Hannah, a distressed soul, and I'll be your boy. The latter is interesting where he speaks of being your boy, given the accusations against him. (These two clips are part of the sermon where he rips into the woman.)

In the first video above, Edwin Young speaks of true worshipers, praise, that God is a spirit, that there is no Trinity, and the world stole dancing. In the second, he speaks of a relationship with God, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, there is no reason not to come to church, that there is "nothing there to offer" in some churches, and he sings a couple seconds of Holy, Holy, Holy.

In the first video above, Edwin Young speaks of altar calls and prayer life, dating and marriage. In the second, he speaks of a relationship with God, One God and more.

In the first video above, Edwin Young speaks of avoiding asking the pastor's permission for things and rebuking people for getting an air tattoo (not permanent). In the second, he speaks of nobody being saved yet, stay in the church and listen to your pastor, and all growth is not revival.

In the first video above, Edwin Young speaks of revival, Ephesus, not being half-hearted, and imitates Catholics and the Pope praying. In the second, he speaks of being attractive, feeling spirits from TVs, and speaks against television and DVDs.

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