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False Holiness StandardsFalse Holiness Standards by Linda Hopper- A book is available which deals with various issues related to outward holiness standards. Linda Hopper was a former UPC member and her husband was a licensed UPC minister. The Hoppers are now retired from ministry. The book covers topics such as pants on women, jewelry, make-up, and women's hair. From her former website: "This book is a thorough and exhaustive research project that was inspired from Linda's desire to know the complete truth about what the Bible really says regarding Christian adornment, especially in connection with women's dress." Besides from Amazon, where it rarely is found, her book may be obtained by sending $15.00 to: Victory Tabernacle c/o Linda Hopper, 8406 North Classics Avenue., Fresno, CA 93720. You may email her at

Tell Me The Truth Tell Me The Truth Holiness Standards by Thomas L. Clayton- "Ask yourself these questions: Why do we do this? Is it from God or man? What does the whole Bible say about it? How does God really feel about it? Holiness Standards, God or Man, Bible or Tradition. This book answers the questions we are all afraid to ask." Written by a Oneness Pentecostal. NOTE: The author quotes writings of at least two other people, one being me, without giving credit or even mentioning he is quoting from the work of someone else. Most of page 98 is from Jason Young's writing and part of pages 91 and 94, along with all of 92 and 93 (except for how he gives the four particulars on the two Greek words.) are mine. As of March 1, 2016, Amazon has pulled the distribution of the book.

Splitting Hairs? Are We Splitting Hairs? A Comprehensive Study of First Corinthians 11:1-16 by Joel R. Chipman- Joel Chipman was an ordained minister with the United Pentecostal Church and pastors in Waterford, Michigan. The church left the UPC at some point, though when seems to differ between some who attend the church and what official UPC literature states. He and the church (Life Tabernacle) were still listed in the 2012 directory and for at least a couple years prior to then, I would hear how the church was not UPC. They are no longer listed on the UPC website as of this posting (June 27, 2013). The church dropped pushing the standards some time ago and now Joel Chipman has released a book on the UPC teaching that a woman is never to cut her hair. That is based upon a passage in 1 Corinthians 11 and this is what he addresses. He no longer believes that the Bible teaches that a woman should never cut her hair. Right now it appears most of the reviews on Amazon are all from church members and people who know him. I have my information correct, Chipman had come out of the UPC church in Flint, pastored by Henson. It has been said that he has contacted area ministers in the organization and told them to have nothing to do with Chipman or his church. (They would be seen as having left "the truth" even though they yet hold to the main UPC teachings.)

Should a Christian Woman Wear Pants? Should a Christian Woman Wear Pants? by Denise Snodgrass- "Deuteronomy 22:5 has long been used by various "holiness" groups as a text against women of today wearing pants. "Should a Christian Woman Wear Pants?" begins with a study of this verse of Scripture. It presents a study of ancient Biblical dress, the history of pants, and answers the question of who was first to wear pants, men or women? It also pinpoints the exact date in history and the circumstances surrounding the separation of clothing styles with men in pants and women in dresses. A lesson in American history is presented of how the country's first "feminists" and dress reformers destroyed the association of male superiority with bifurcation, prevalent in the country's culture, and introduced feminine trousers. The book takes clothing out of the incorrect realm of "holiness" and salvation and into the correct category of culture and history."

A Study on the Doctrine of Long Hair in the Bible A Study on the Doctrine of Long Hair in the Bible The Greek Text & Historical Background of 1 Corinthians 11:3-16 by Denise Snodgrass- Denise's second book on standards as taught by the UPCI. "Attempting to interpret the scripture passage of 1 Cor. 11:3-16 within a modern day church setting is a mistake, but a study of the culture surrounding 1st century Corinth is imperative. Defining the key terms in the passage in the original Greek is also imperative to understanding the passage."

Neo Phariseeism Neo Phariseeism An Inside Look At Hairsplitting Theologies by David Wasmundt- This book was written by a long time ordained minister in the UPC, though no longer holding credentials with them. David Wasmundt discusses unnecessary yokes such as salvation by works and man made holiness standards. He includes a section on discussing specific standards placed on women. These are not in-depth studies and would not have changed my views at the time I was involved in this organization. That is not to say that the book isn't helpful.

Pendulum Extremes Pendulum Extremes Keeping Your Balance While Walking in the Narrow Way by David Wasmundt- The follow-up to Neo Phariseeism. Covered are pendulum extremes in the broadway and in the church, with a focus on keeping a proper balance. I felt he covered some unnecessary topics. Both of these books may be obtained through David Wasmundt at or call 678-612-7655.

A Love Like This The true story about the Life, Love, and Ministry of B. H. and Mary Hite - by Shirl Hite Sieli. B. H. Hite played a part in the merger between the PCI & PAJC and served on the board when the United Pentecostal Church first organized. Before the merger he was a member of the PCI. Shril's book includes some early history of the Oneness Pentecostal movement from 1913 through 1948. You will find that how it was in the early days is not how it is portrayed today. The author shared in a Facebook post that her father, "left it up to the individual to use their own common sense for how to dress, wear their hair, etc. I have pictures in my book proving that I and my siblings cut our hair, and wore jewelry. And I never owned a long sleeved dress or blouse my entire young life." It was after the passing of B.H. Hite in 1948 that changes in the UPC started taking place. The book is just over 100 pages and sells for $15, which includes postage to the USA. She accepts checks as well as Visa and MasterCard. For every four books purchased, a free one will be included. Shirl may be contacted at

False Holiness Exposed False Holiness Exposed by Bob Hellmann- From a review on Amazon: "For anyone that has struggled with becoming holy for God, this is a must read. In this book you learn what real "Holiness" is. Not only will you find freedom from religion, but freedom from self. Only God Himself can make us holy through His Holy Spirit. Not works, outer attire, religion or anything else can make us holy. Too many people are bound by religious beliefs, which are only man's interpretations of the Bible. Too many people are miserable and bound up by these beliefs. This book will truly set you free to enjoy the real relationship of holiness God intended us to have, that we can only receive from Him, and enjoy with Him."

The Tithe That Binds The Tithe That Binds by Rory O. Moore- Rory was a licensed UPC minister. I felt the book was good in places, but also felt some things were faulty. I think it would have been better if he had omitted some things in the book, such as his beliefs about churches, and simply stuck to the matter of tithing.

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