The Transplant

By Lynne Yohnk

Once upon a time there were two small maple trees. One maple tree sprouted by a river on a sunny bank. There were a few other large maples around. These maples did not block the sun but were there to simply inspire the small maple to know how elegant and large he could grow. He had everything he needed there and was happy.

The other maple tree sprouted in a rocky area. He couldn't grow much root for there was no soil underneath him. Still, he struggled to survive.

Both trees grew to a fairly sizeable tree. Not fully grown, but a middle size. The first tree was used to having water and everything it needed and the second tree was used to struggle and survival. It was all that either of them ever knew.

One day, a boy came along and saw the tree in the rocks. He knew that there was likely no way that the tree could ever grow into a huge tree there. So, he decided to transplant it.

He took the tree to the river and transplanted the tree beside it. He knew it would have a much better chance there. And it would.

The first little tree saw the other one and saw the nice branches and nice leaves and was happy another tree came. But soon that changed. The second transplanted little tree struggled. It's leaves withered. It looked like it might die. Still, it struggled along.

The first little tree began to feel disgusted with the transplant. "I've lived here all my life and I've never struggled" said the first tree. "I don't know what your issue is. Can't you see the nice river and the sun? You have all you need for sustenance. Can't you see the big trees here? You make the river look bad, the sun look bad. You make the bank look ugly."

These words stung the little transplant. The little transplant thought that the first little tree was arrogant. Didn't the first tree know that the little transplant just left the only home it ever knew? Didn't it know it just left it's little bird friends and the rock that it sunned himself on?

The transplant became very stubborn about surviving. It would prove the first tree wrong. It WOULD live! But it did struggle.

A storm came and the little transplant was tossed to and fro like the other trees. But the little transplants roots weren't solid as of yet like the other trees were. Part of it's root system came up in the storm and so part of it's nourishment system was cut off.

"What a weakling!!" The first tree cried! Soon the big trees were grumbling about how the little transplant was messing up the landscape.

Still, the little tree struggled. While the others were easily soaking up all the nourishment the little transplant still had some dead leaves and a couple of dead branches. It was a scraggly little thing.

But it survived.

One day a rich man came to get some trees for his property. He took the first tree and the little transplant.

The first tree was terrified. This was all it knew. "Don't worry" said the little transplant "You will be okay, you will see."

The man planted both trees in his field. Both trees had leaves that withered and they both struggled. But the little tree that had been transplanted before knew that they could survive. It was in it's sap. It knew. It was not afraid. It comforted the other little tree.

"You know?" said the first tree, "Those huge trees by the river have never been through a transplant. It's no wonder they are so big and strong and beautiful."

The little tree smiled, "Yes, that's true."

At that moment they turned to hear a few of the nearby trees, trees that sprouted there complaining, "Look at those two trees! Look how withered their leaves are!! They are messing up the property!"

And the first little tree said, "Take heart, we have each other."

The first tree smiled. He knew that what he said was right.

This writing is the copyright of Lynne Yohnk and was posted with her permission. Additional articles may be viewed here. Her email address is if you wish to write. Please let her know if you appreciate her writings!

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