I thought that some might be interested in reading old guest book entries I have received in response to this web site. I have partially removed the e-mail addresses since these writings are old and many are probably now invalid. Typos have not been corrected.

Friday 07/23/1999 11:03:23pm

Name: Gary

E-Mail: septre45@

Referred By: From a Web Ring

Location: Arkansas

Comments: ....and every one of those word's rang true,kinda like the Liberty bell.The gospel is our only hope!!!P.S. Hey Lois I finally got your link up....Thanksfor your Blessings. Pray for the Prodical's who are on there way home...don't leave um lying in the ditch!!!God Bless you all,Gary

Sunday 07/11/1999 4:56:29am

Name: Donna

E-Mail: purpleflower@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: Georgia

Comments: I couldn't sleep one night and found your site. I haven't ever seen or heard anything specifically about the UPC on the NET before. I myself was raised in the UPC from 12-24. My father became a minister also. So I have seen and heard alot. As I grew older I started teaching Sunday School for teenagers and studied deeply in the scriptures myself to be able to teach and answer their questions, I never liked the canned lessons. It was there that I found things that I'd never been told. It was almost like having things kept from you. I felt less and less sure about how I was being led and taught. Eventually I broke away totally, but it did take some time. It isn't easy to leave behind your lifes teachings, and I thought "how is it noone else feel this way?". But I kept opening up to more and more of what God sent my way. I am now 43 and feel very fulfilled in my spiritual life. I didn't leave God behind, I just started growing towards Him. I think you did a great job on your page. You were fair and didn't denegrate the people who still live the UPC life. We all have the potential to grow with God, and every path to that intimate relationship is different. I pray the best for you.

Thursday 07/08/1999 7:34:51pm

Name: Michele

E-Mail: gomicky@

Referred By: From a Web Ring

Location: Mass

Comments: Just surfing for Christian sites. Was in an abusive situation myself and am out of it.

Wednesday 06/30/1999 8:09:04pm

Name: danielle

E-Mail: abcd@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: california

Comments: Hi! I'm jewish and was looking through the jews for judaism website. They are a counter-missionary organization. I wanted more information on cults, since I'm trying to get some speakers in my area to educate people on this issue. I logged on to AFF and wasn't surprised but validated to find your site and the United Pentecostal Church as a cult. For many years now, before I married my husband, one of his brothers became a member of the pentecostal church. My husband's family kept in contact with Andy, my brother-in-law and his wife & kids. I always felt Andy was in a cult, but everyone else just naysayed....until Andy just started prosyletizing to family members. He won't with me, because I won't take his control-freak, chauvenist male - is - superior @#%$!! But my nephew, Gabriel, his eldest just graduated from their church school. This poor kid can't even go to college without taking 2 years of electives because the crappy school he went to didn't have science, language, un-biased history, etc.

This poor kid has cried for help from my husband's family. He wants to leave the church. I'd love to take him in, but realistically with 2 small kids of my own both with Attention Deficit Disorder, my life is chaotic enough! He's a good kid. Any suggestions? If I had a way to contact his mother's family, who are normal run of the mill people, I would. But I can't say any of this to his mom or dad. You understand why. I'll see about printing out info. on this group and sending it to my husband's parents. Maybe it will help them see what they've been in denial about....and maybe Gabriel and his 2 sisters, once they are of age, will get some guidance and counseling on how to live in society! Think of an Amish person who comes into contact with late 20th century life, and you've got the picture!

Thanks for your courage and insight. Your story is amazing.

Friday 06/25/1999 8:49:39am

Name: saint

E-Mail: s8int@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: houston

Comments: just dropped by to leave you a message, it seem's you have something against the UPC teachings~ well instead of throwing it's readers off balance on teachings i left a website so they can decide for themselves what is right and wrong so click on the link it will take you there so i guess bye for now and God bless. take care.

Thursday 06/17/1999 10:57:03pm

Name: Wes Long

E-Mail: hgcc@

Referred By: Yahoo!

Location: Ellensburg, WA

Comments: Lois I have been carefully wading through all of the articles and material here on your site. I am a Pentecostal Christian (U.P.C). I was raised in the Pentecostal Church of God and the Assemblies of God (Both Trinitarian organizations). My family quit church when I was about 10yrs old and I had no contact with any churches until I began my own search for God when I was 17.

I started attending an Assemblies of God Church. The reason I decided to go back to church was to hopefully find some friends that wanted to do something other than DRINK AND SMOKE. I started attending their youth group and was surprised to find out that these Assemby of God kids were just as worldly and sinful as my secular friends. I kept attending church there for about 6 months, but finally quit because the "gospel" that the Assembly of God had preached to me wasn't working. I had thought that after I had ACCEPTED CHRIST AS MY SAVIOR AND REPENTED OF MY SINS, THAT THEIR WOULD BE SOME KIND OF DELIVERANCE FROM SIN. But There was no deliverance! I could not overcome sin! Though my pastor told me I was now "SAVED". I new that living in sin was not what Salvation was all about.

So, I started attending a little UPC church. They met in their house out in the country. It was just the Pastor, his wife and their 9 kids. From the first service, I knew that I had found my spiritual home. These people Worshipped, Preached the Word of God, and Lived what they taught. At times I have been offended by something a preacher has said, or at something my Pastor has taught. It is normal to get offended when someone tells you that you need to change. I figured that I could either quit, or I could obey the word of God and Grow in Grace and Knowledge. The Word of God is my STANDARD! I don't have to obey His STANDARDS, BUT I WANT TO.

I challenge all of these Anti-UPC people to take a close look at their own Churches and at their own walks with the Lord. Is your Church 100% perfect? Has anyone ever been offended by something that was said or done there, and consequently left? Have any of your Pastors or church members ever done something to bring shame on your local church or Denomination? LOOK CLOSE! BE TRUTHFUL! Are you walking with God according to the Whole Council of His Word?

Admittedly, the UPC is not perfect, but neither is any other Human organization. If anyone has ever been injured by a UPC minister or church member that has gotten out of line, I appologize for them. The UPC does promote the Original Plan of Salvation. It does Promote a Biblical life style. It does encourage people to be as close to God as possible. Please don't judge us by a few Ego-Centric Pastors that have let their position of Honor and Responsibility go to their heads.

I have been a UPC minister since Feb. 1997. I take all of the comments I have read here seriously and hope never to conduct myself in such a way that someone would have cause to write about my ministry on your site. With Gods help and by His grace, that will never happen! Thank you for this forum, that allows a fair impartial representation of both sides of the UPC STORY.

Thursday 06/17/1999 0:05:13am

Name: Ken Page

E-Mail: kcpage@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: Minnesota

Comments: Enjoyed the site!

Thursday 06/10/1999 11:13:34pm

Name: Nathan Miller

E-Mail: carpenter@

Referred By: From a Friend

Location: Florida in the good ole USA.

Comments: Thank God for people who use the web to promote the things of God, rather than things of men.I too have been burnt by such preachers and churches yo mention.may the Lord continue to lead and guide you.Sincerely,Nathan Miller.

Tuesday 06/01/1999 6:41:31pm

Name: Thomas W Lasater

E-Mail: tlasater@

Referred By: From a Friend

Location: SLC, Utah

Comments: This message is valid. I and my wife have this experience. Keep up the good work.

Tuesday 05/18/1999 2:52:16pm

Name: LeeAnn Jones

E-Mail: kjones@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: Carthage, TX

Comments: Lois: My heart goes out to you. I hope that your site reaches as many Pentecostals as possible. I agree with you that there are Pentecosts who love the Lord and who are saved; however, I do feel that they may lose rewards in Heaven for following and believing in false teachings. May God bless your site and may it reach many others. I will be praying for Michelle and her family.

Wednesday 05/12/1999 3:27:08am

Name: Bobbie

E-Mail: b62fly@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: Pascagoula, MS

Comments: My family has been infiltrated through marriage with UPC's. We are Southern Baptist. The differences in the interpretation of doctrine is hard to address with these people. UPC is very deceiving especially, from what I have learned, salvation is conditional. No where do I find in God's word where your salvation is evidenced by speaking in tongues. "Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the life no one comes unto the Father but by Me" PERIOD. These people are very strange. It has been very difficult for our family. Because the Bible teaches it is by GRACE that you are saved. They seem to twist God's word to fit what they want to believe. I have also found that they have a misguided view of sex. To me, it borders on pornography. How scriptural can that be?

Tuesday 05/11/1999 9:20:39pm

Name: Jeanie Jones

E-Mail: jonesj3@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: Gladewater, Tx

Comments: Hi, I e-mailed you moments ago about a website that crucifies the kind of beliefs that you and I have on spiritual abuse. It is kept by a **** Mr. Rick Miesel. Thank you for your website. Jeanie Jones

Tuesday 05/11/1999 8:57:06pm

Name: Cameron

E-Mail: hhopson@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: Indianapolis

Comments: Hello my name is Cameron,

The scripture is plain in teaching that there is One God (Deut 6:4). The Bible teaches that this God is the only Saviour (Isaiah 43:10-11), the scripture is clear in teaching that Jesus is the only Saviour. The scriputre teaches that Jesus is God Almighty (Rev. 1:8, 21:4-7) (Ex. 3:14, John 8:58). The scripture is very clear on teaching this. I was just wondering if you still believe that there is only one God and that his name is Jesus. There is no God existing in three seperate existing persons (unless of course you claim to be a Hindu or a member of another Polytheistic Religion) but the Bible teaches Jesus is God Almigty. Do you still Believe?

Tuesday 05/11/1999 3:11:02pm

Name: Charles Pinkney

E-Mail: cpink@

Referred By: Net Search

Location: North Dakota

Comments: Recently read Johnson and VanVonderen's book, "The Subtle power of Spiritual Abuse". It is evidently pandemic and is another byproduct of following man's rule rather than God.

God has good things for us, notably love, liberty and forgiveness in grace, there is nothing we can do to win his acceptance, tho we surely can grow in the knowledge and in intimacy with Him.

As Jesus said weeping before the city of Jerusalem, "If you only knew the GIFT of God, and the things that are given for your peace."

Legalism and bondage are for another age, another people, not the children of God. I share my insights in the web site above.

In his love Chas Pinkney

Sunday 05/09/1999 9:20:26pm

Name: Kelli

E-Mail: Kelusa1

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: Germantown MD

Comments: I just want to say everyone one is human. And in our humanity we have faults and failures, The UPCI is the best thing going today. I know it from experience. I know it's good parts and I've even experience some of the bad. The difference between you and me is that while a bad experience has left a bitter taste in your mouth and you are dwelling there (your Pastor is only human- he has to pray every day to keep self under the direction of God) Paul wrote-" I die daily" and that was the great Apostle Paul. If he had to die daily, you have to die daily, your Pastor has to die daily and I have to die daily. It's a shame that God and a the good UPCI an organization of Pastors, UPCI doesn't rule your local church, UPCI doesn't rule you- UPCI is just trying to do the very best thing that they can since it is one of the fastest and largest growing church organizations today. They don't and can't make sure your Pastor prays everyday. They can't monitor what he preaches and teaches and how he delivers it whether its in love to lift and build or in control which tears down. They just don't have that ability but they have provide recourse for you to let someone else know these things- Presbyters-District Superintendents-Ministerial Ethic Board- There is help in the UPC for those who need it.

There are several ways you could have responsed to this situtation 1. by falling on your knees and praying mercy for your Pastor 2. Getting up, brushing yourself off and going on to serve the Lord and let God deal with your Pastor by finding someone to minister to you or 3 continue to live in the situation and write a webpage for all the world to see.

I do want to thank you for your endepth study and presentation of the UPC. I'm sure as other read it like myself, they may realize - hey, this church looks like one I've been looking for all my life. And this matter didn't even show how marvelous the praise and worship is, how dynamic the singing and music or how anointed the preached WORD of God is or how awesomely the presence of God flows through each and every service.

I'm not denying that there are abusive pastors in UPC or in other charsmatic organizations ...oops wrong word... fellowships. Absolutely not. As long as we are still in the flesh we will come across those who like living in the flesh... because of being human...more than living in the spirit...because of being human. But, I'm one who has opted to pray for mercy instead of crying for revenge.

I hope that you can experience the divine love God has for you and that you will be able to rest in His peace.

Take Care.

Tuesday 05/04/1999 11:25:57pm

Name: Jimmy Sanders

E-Mail: sanders10@

Referred By: AOL

Location: Stanley, North Carolina

Comments: Just a note to say I'm back on line, enjoyed your page the changes look good. God Bless and Keep You.

Tuesday 04/27/1999 3:27:02am

Name: Matt Higdon

E-Mail: Matthigdon@

Referred By: AOL

Location: Greenville, Mississippi

Comments: I am one of the many who have been blessed by the members and the leadership of the U.P.C. I had a horrible childhood and it is through the prayers and assistance of these godly and loving people that I am alive and well adjusted today. Thank God for the United Pentecostal Church and the powerful anointing that sits on it. God bless the naysayers also.

Wednesday 04/21/1999 2:21:36am

Name: Matthew

E-Mail: Mnehrling@

Referred By: From a Friend

Location: Longview, Texas

Comments: I linked this page from a friend's site and I must say it is very well done.

I wonder what would happen if Jesus himself were to walk into one of their churches. Would he be condimed for not dressing properly, having long hair, associating with those of "lower standards", would he be given a private lecture on his appearance or flaring temper?

I can only find one commandment that Jesus emphasizes as the most important, "to love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself." This was stated in a response to how to gain eternal life.

Not the repetitive "salvation prayer", nor is it following close "standards" that one can imply from the scripture. (Wasnt it said that ANYTHING can be proven in the Bible?) I believe that Jesus' words were for eternity and the apositles words were for those whom they were directed torward, (after all if we follow the practice of every aposotilic creed, then we will be condimmed if we follow orthidox Jewish tradition, or condimmed if we don't depending on where we look in the New Testimate). These works based denomations do not come from the Bible but from man's own desire for power. You can trace it's history back to the Papelicy of 200-300 a.d. or even farther back if you look at the conflicts between Paul and others. Keep your mind open to the world, lest you are caught off guard by someone who claims to speak the Word, and only speaks their own opinion (Just as I will admit these are my opinions and I gladly bow to refute, if it can be proven).. God Bless you in your endevor.

In Faith

Matthew Nehrling

Tuesday 04/20/1999 5:00:36pm

Name: Stephen Robinson

E-Mail: stephenrobinson@

Referred By: From a Friend

Location: Ardmore, OK

Comments: Lois, In one of the articles posted on your board, I have my story for all to read who come here to your website. I still trust that the purpose of your page is rather to prod people to think for themselves, to search out their own salvation and not to simply follow blindly what a group of men have determined that "This is what the Word of God Really Means". and not to make an indictment against an entire organization. I have come to realize that the Articles of Faith are merely a "Guideline" and not a hard and fast book of hard rules. Although my family and I were severely wounded by the experience, this is by no means an indictment against the UPCI as a whole, just those who would misuse their position to furthur their agenda, and to lay up treasures where moth and rust will corrupt. I feel that a real true man of God would want the new (and old) converts to be able to think for themselves and make their own decisions as to what the word of God really means. If you want to know what the word of God means, READ IT AND SEE WHAT IT SAYS!! That's what it means. If it doesn't clearly say "Thou shalt or shalt not, then it is openm to a broader application (as opposed to interpretation) . I'm sure you would agree that there is a difference in "Application" and "Intertretation". As far as the hair issue, let's get real. God don't want men looking like women and women looking like men, nor acting like men. Our pastor is like another visitor on the guestbook, and I appreciate her position: Her pastor preaches it in love, and doesn't dictate. Our pastor is the same way. Let's face facts: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't force him to drink. You can put a full bucket of food out for him, and he will only eat what he wants. God bless, Stephen

Monday 04/19/1999 10:50:41pm

Name: William Putnam

E-Mail: brassclock@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: Pensacola, FL

Comments: Actually, I came here from a hyperlink from another Christian forum, alerting others to this board.

While I suspected such, I was a bit shocked that this sort of things goes on. Being a Catholic apologist, I have been subject to much proselytization from one individual locally (UPC) who responded to a letter to the editor in my local newspaper. He was a bit shocked to find that I could 'fight back' rather effectively. In any case, the tenor of his letters indicated to me the seemingly 'brain washed' condition, some of these individuals are in.

I will pray for these poor souls.........

God bless,



Sunday 04/18/1999 10:59:38am


E-Mail: proverbwomen@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: USA

Comments: Lois, bless you for your page. I believe this is a needed page. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw all this on hair, just hilarious that a person could take scripture out of context and make a religion of it. I think if the scriptures are taken together as a whole that it is clear that man looks on the outside, but God looks at the heart. Thank God, we can be born again, and enter into His Presence and heaven. Perhaps these pastors feel they can have a little more control over the women in the church thru their hair(they can see the hair, but not the other such as envy, jealousy, etc.). To those pastors, I only say take the scripture as a whole, and rightly divide the word of truth, and you will lift Jesus up. When Jesus is lifted up, ALL men are drawn to him (not lift up hair). Again, bless you as I know you are on grounds here where angels fear to tread , as we are also, ministering to adult children of divorce and divorced women. We found that is a tough spot also, but we just go by the scriptures and when a man wants to go and he is an unbeliever, we let him go (It's unlawful to hold a person against his will--is called kidnapping). lol Keep lifting Jesus up, offer Him -for He is more than enough for salvation. His shed blood is sufficient to cleanse from all sins.

Wednesday 04/07/1999 10:28:47pm

Name: tish


Referred By: Net Search

Location: tx.

Comments: i have been raised upc all my life and i hate to hear that these people feel like they where abused. i am a 30yr. old female ,so i know all about the standards of the upc. i'm sure there are probably these kinds of churches out there,but i can honestly say mine is not like that. yes, my pastor does preach these standards, but with very much love. as a teenager, i went against some of the standards. but i have a loving pastor who NEVER condimmed me, but instead loved me until i starting living according to the scriptures again. i really hope all of these people that have wriiten to lois can find a church with a pastor as great as mine someday.we are just people who love god with all our heart, and try our best to do whatever THE BIBLE teaches us to do. our goal is heaven. i would hate to get to the gates and find out i didn't do enough!! what's long hair or dresses, compared to heaven!! DARE TO BE DIFFERENT IN A WORLD OF COMPROMISE!!!!!! my prayers are with you all!

Sunday 04/04/1999 11:18:03pm

Name: rick guthrie

E-Mail: ric42@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: hurst, tx

Comments: Lois, Keep on doing a great job. There are thousands of people out there who have suffered abuse by abusive churches and mainly in the Holiness Churches such as UPCI. There is no telling how many can be reached who have turned their backs on God from all the confusion, abuse, etc who now can turn back to him for salvation and comfort.

Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rick Guthrie

Friday 04/02/1999 6:55:01pm

Name: marci

E-Mail: mar_c_b@

Referred By: Just Surfed On In

Location: tx

Comments: i think i understand what you are saying..... God is good all the time!

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