I thought that some might be interested in reading old guest book entries I have received in response to this web site. I have partially removed the e-mail addresses since these writings are old and many are probably now invalid. Typos have not been corrected.

Sunday 02/09/2003 10:27:25pm

Name: Kristen

E-Mail: netsirk083@

Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: Is it at all possible that Satan, who prowls like a hungry lion looking to devour, could have decieved the people involved in the Pentecostal movement? Are they above deception? No one is, as the Bible clearly states, however, when you refuse to see the truth, as do many of the "one true church," it will never be revealed to you.

Secondly, when you compare the lives of many Pentecostal followers to the doctrine they claim to blieve, they rarely match up. Do most of these people even truly know the doctrine of their own movement? And if they truly understood, do you honestly believe that they would continue to live in something that so obviously does not fit within the Word of God?

Its all the little things that don't measure up so exactly that make for an untrue doctrine. Why is it that so many UPC's remain there believing only part of the doctrine and refuse to seek anything different? Everything looks wonderful on the outside, but they are like the "whited sephulchers" that Peter refers to in the Bible - clear on the outside and rotting on the inside.

It is truly unfortunate how many people have been pulled into this "cult" and are actively being decieved. Its only when you first admit that there is a chance that you might be wrong when you will truely begin to understand and see truth. I had to know for myself, and thats how I found truth! And the only way one will ever really find it .. .Admit that you could very well be wrong. And research for self to make sure its truth. Hebrew to Greek to English! I have been involved in the abuses of this particular movement, and I am glad to say that I am free in Christ - if anyone is interested in my story, or has any comments, please feel free to e-mail me.

Sunday 02/09/2003 8:26:48pm

Name: Mike Rittenour

E-Mail: mikerittenour2002@

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Location: Lexington Park, Maryland


Friday 01/24/2003 1:00:36am

Name: Sarah Clark

E-Mail: california1977@

Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: Lancaster, Ca

Comments: I enjoyed yourself. I myself have never been or plan on becomming a UPC. My sister and her family are UPCs and have have been hurt many times when I came to visit.

Thursday 01/09/2003 1:54:14pm

Name: Joseph Ordaz

E-Mail: Me1jcordaz@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: St.louis

Comments: Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32 Great website you do a great job of showing the truth I pray that all who come to this site will leave knowing God in Spirit and in Truth. Remember when Jesus was on the earth he preached love to all. He was with the sinners because he knew the healthy dont need a doctor that the sick do. So for all those who have become "holy" through their church remember Romans 3 were Paul quotes the Old Testament about no one is righteous not even one. So smile and show God's love to one another. Be humble before the Lord no matter what. I feel if Christians were truly humble before the Lord that we would not have all these horrible stories. Anyway to all who read this have a great day and God loves you!

Wednesday 01/08/2003 2:32:11am



Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: US

Comments: Hello there all you current UPC members and ex-UPC members or maybe you are someone contemplating what to do??????? Let me give you some advice, I believe that the way the UPC use to preach, the music they use to sing, the standards they use to preach and the on-fire soul winning they use to do is in the past. Now,they are focused on the latest gossip or how much money they can raise by selling peanut brittle or chocolate bon-bons to the outside world to raise money for their church. We believe that if the church cannot pay for something they "want" then they don't really "need" it. Standards?????? What standards?? My pastor doesn't preach them anymore because he may run off the 3 new families (wealthy) that have not been convicted of standards that have been placed in powerful positions or committees after attending only three full months. Whats going on?? Preachers having sex with single and married women and then when it is brought before the board the pastor is upheld in his wrong doings and blames the women??? I see something wrong!! It sounds like to me the shepherd hasn't been tending his sheep and left the gate open for the sheep to escape and let the goats in. Trust me, I could tell you so many stories of pastors being protected. Yes, they may have part truth but in a court of justice I could agree with "I want the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me GOD"/////////////////////

Saturday 12/28/2002 9:38:14pm

Name: Michelle

E-Mail: mconnon58@

Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: I like a lot of what you say on here. I agree with almost all of it.. but you make a statement that sex is a sin. I'm sorry.. this is just wrong. The first thing Jehovah commanded was for Adam and Eve to fill the earth with a righteous family. Had Adam and Eve not CHOSEN to sin.. then they would have remained perfect...sinless.. and yet they would have had sex to fulfill God's command. Sex is NOT a sin. The abuse of sex that we see today is the sin. He originally intended it as a wonderful, beautiful expression of love between husband and wife. It was sinless. The sex we see today.. sex for fun and entertainment.. is what is wrong.

Tuesday 12/10/2002 0:08:06am

Name: Ben

E-Mail: beecatcher@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Harrison, Ar.

Comments: I have written before, and have an article at this website. I enjoy surfing in and reading the articles. I appreciate you removing my last name from my article. I am not ashamed of my convictions, but I do not want to cause my extended UPC family any consternation By the same token, I want to reach as many people as I can and help preach the pure 'unvarnished' gospel, with none of the man-made 'stuff,' that UPC and others have added to it.The word says that he has not given us a spirit of bondage. As I said before, It is a Joy to serve the Lord, not a 'Sentence." Keep up the good work. god Bless.

Saturday 11/30/2002 7:02:41pm

Name: Zoey Bertalot

E-Mail: ValHarborSprings@

Referred By: Just Surfed In


Comments: First of all I am Apostolic. I would like to say Trinitarians do not beleive in one God. You (assuming you are a trinitarian) beleive in 3 Gods..If god, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are different..then you are worshipping 3 Gods.I think you need to read up on your bible a bit more before you start a web-site that Contradicts yourself!

Tuesday 11/26/2002 12:06:24am

Name: Jenny


Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Wisconsin

Comments: My boyfriends mother has just recently joined this church and everyone is concerned. I wound up here because i am trying to do some research on the religion. Your web site has been very helpful.

Monday 11/25/2002 5:31:06pm

Name: Mary Willits

E-Mail: maryewillits@

Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: I found your web-site to be very helpful. Please view my new web-site at: www.isitwordofgod.com, also relating to spiriual abuse in Bible-based churches. I have taken the liberty of adding a link to your site on my Link Page, and would like your permission to do so. If after viewing the site, you do not wish your link to be posted there, please feel free to e-mail me. You are also welcome to add a link to my site on yours if you'd like.

I am not yet out on search engines, so you will need to use address temporarily, as the site is still in it's early stages.

Thanks so much.


Mary Willits

Friday 11/15/2002 7:50:59pm

Name: Will Smith

E-Mail: wolfman@

Referred By: Just Surfed In


Comments: We were abused spiritually in an Independent Baptist church about ten years ago. They were legalistic, arrogant, and had talked me into attending Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga. While there, I came down with Pneumonia and nearly died. I was unable to attend chapel, church, class, etc..and my wife would go to my instructors and bring home the class notes and material I needed for my lessons, and would take them back when I got done with them. Well, I maintained a C average that semester. When we went home for a visit, the preacher lambasted me from the pulpit in front of the whole church accusing me of "not obeying the rules..." etc.. at TTU, and accused me of some horrendous things that were outright lies. I considered suing them for slander and defamation, but decided to just quit that church. I was so crushed I did not set foot in any church for nearly seven years. I have never attended an Independent Baptist church since, and never intend to again. I attend (but am not a member - I'll never JOIN another church again) a Southern Baptist church here.

Tuesday 10/29/2002 0:51:59am

Name: Howard Brewer

E-Mail: heepbigchief@

Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: Hi all. I was a victim of spiritual abuse for so many years. I ended up writing a 90,000 word book about it as an outlet to get it out of my system. I put it on the web for the world to read. Some approve, some dont.

Saturday 10/26/2002 11:44:04am

Name: jaunita brock

E-Mail: jaunita1@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: dogpile

Comments: Had found you, some time back.....was not able to locate your site,again until now! Glad, to see you again!! God bless your work....j

Saturday 10/19/2002 11:42:45am

Name: Themis Papaioannou

E-Mail: themisp@

Referred By: Web Ring

Location: Greece

Comments: Greetings in Christ!

Wednesday 10/09/2002 4:10:59pm

Name: KSE

E-Mail: info@

Referred By: Friend

Location: Wisconsin

Comments: Thank you thank you thank you! The site has been tremendous with clearing up some doctrinal confusions I had with respect to standards. I wanted to research it in history but didn't know how. I recently left a UPC by God's leading, but not intending to change any of my beliefs.

But suddenly I felt so free. At first I wondered if I was "in the flesh", but as I really began to pray and look deeply at the scriptures I realized some errors and began praying for God to show me further revelation.

And then I was referred to this site and began looking at your studies that are posted, and testimonials. I feel like a great weight has been lifted from me, and I now realize that my "convictions" were actually a feeling of fear and conformism.

I'm truly grateful to have found others that see the light. I am grieved that I suffered unnecessarily, making myself an outcast from family and friends because of my appearance. But the Lord is now healing me. Amen!

Tuesday 10/08/2002 0:11:33am

Name: Cynthia McClain

E-Mail: cdpider@

Referred By: Just Surfed In


Comments: Thanks! You don't know had badly I needed to 'stumble upon' this website. I have added you to my favorite list and passed your site on to my brother.

Sunday 10/06/2002 8:12:11am

Name: David

E-Mail: d06052001@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Comments: I work as financial advisor and insurance agent and employed by a brokerage firm.

My Pastor said :

1. God won't bless this business.

2. God gives me His spirit for me to tell people to believe God, but I and my peers in the industry tell people to believe their money, I obviously work against God.

3. The needs carried out by the services conducted by me and my peers in the industry should be taken care of by God. "God takes over these needs, you guys are not needed."

4. He also said :" You can carry out a sound financial planning , design a productive portfolio, or design an insurance policy that best fits, for a neighbor, but the neighbor's soul is burned in hell. How many people put their money in registered retirement plan, in life insurance, in mutual fund, etc, but their souls are not saved. You must find a job on which you have chance to introduce Jesus. " I asked if he's inspired by God to tell me that God opens a door for me to become a gospel worker, a church minister, and I can begin with doing some administrative support job in a non-for-profit Christianity organization, he responded :" Only God knows. " He thinks , besides his church, none of other churches has truth, the non-profit Chrisitanity based organizations are even worse than other churches. Therefore, when he responded with " only God knows, seek God on whether you're to work in Christianity organization. ", he simply wanted to shun me at that moment.

5. I NEVER talk about my job in congregation, and most brothren even don't know what my occupation is, because I come to church for worship God and so do other brethren.. However, Pastor has a part-time job as a vacuum salesman , and has sold two vacuums to two families in the congregation. I quesitioned it, he said : " Well, what you sell is for the future, while what I sell is for people's current need, what people need right now. " ( actually, it's $ 2,000 plus vacuum sold by door-to-door convassing, he's to eloquently tell people their original vacuums are not working ) He in turn said :" Why I say selling something for people's future is not good, because Jesus will return soon, within around 20 years. Your job, along with the jobs such as doctor, nurse, lawyer, policeman, are acceptable 20 to 30 years agomm, at the time Jesus' returning was still very far . Doctor and nurse are bad jobs today too, as they make people believe them instead of God, when God heals, doctors are not needed. Policeman is a bad job today too, because policemen are making living by existance of sinners, by people who don't follow God.. Policemen are worrying that gospel may make them lose job .. Funeral service is also an area Christians should avoid employment, because whether people are saved makes more sense than whether they're properly served in funeral service upon death. "

Wednesday 10/02/2002 7:23:53pm

Name: James C. Jackson

E-Mail: firechaplain@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: LaGrange, Georgia

Comments: This is a great website. I can relate to each of the stories told by people that came out of the UPC. I was once in bondage myself. I thank the Lord JESUS Christ for setting me free.

Monday 09/30/2002 9:23:10pm

Name: dokimos

E-Mail: dokimos@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: USA & Philippines

Comments: Praise God in Jesus' name for your ministry of compassion to those who have been abused spiritually.

We are glad that a friend has recommended your ministry to us.

We have therefore linked to spiritualabuse.org from our article page concerning the errors of UPC... http://dokimos.org/apostolic

Keep sharing the love and compassion of Jesus, Christian friends.

Faith working by love,


Wednesday 09/18/2002 8:49:02pm

Name: mike


Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: tina garcia is so typical of the upc mindset. thank you lois for showing me how destructive this self righteous and hateful thinking is.

Tuesday 09/17/2002 6:46:00pm

Name: Susi


Referred By: Friend

Location: Florida USA

Comments: I want to say thanks to you for putting this web site out here. It has help me trememndously to deal with my own doubs. I recently moved to Fl from Europe where we started feeling spiritually abuse by the UPC. I felt so alone to feel this way. We stopped going to church because we weren't gettin nurish. It became terrible that we couldn't worship and enjoy God because we were AFRAID of what people would think of us if we didn't do the rules. I wish I had the boldness to write our testimony maybe someday when the pain has pass. I felt identified with other people's testimonies and has bring me great hope that we're not alone in this situation. God loves unconditionally. I remember one time when one of the sister was forbidden to sing in choir because she had a nose ring,she was a new convert. How dare you forbidde people to do things for God who are gonna be a blessing because you don't think they look right? Now we are searching for a love filled church where whorshipping God will be a joy and a free expirience never being afraid that you are not good enought or Holy enougth or that you don't love God enough. To the loving sister that said you don't love God if you can't sacrifice your jeans I tell her yes, I LOVE GOD and God loves me regardless of color, clothing, hair lenght, or other appereance. God wants to change your heart, He wants love not sacrificies. Please STOP scaring people away from Jesus and show the true love of God. UNCONDICIONAL LOVE. God bless you thanks so much for the site again.

Saturday 09/07/2002 11:07:05pm

Name: tina garcia


Referred By: Search Engine

Location: texas

Comments: Tommorow when I wake and go to my Sunday school class at my church I will be met by children who need to know about the Lord. As I look into their faces I will see happiness and joy because you see, I'm their teacher and they love me because I teach them. Yes, sometimes I have to tell them no but they listen and STILL LOVE ME. Could it be Lois that the UPCI told you no and like a 2 year old you got angry and stomped away from the church. I have been raised in the church all my life and I see it as a privlage to be a UPC member. My God has been so good to me. As for the hair issue- I have an old friend from high school (totally non-christian) who once told me " Don't ever cut your hair. Because I know that means you truly are faithful to God." If a non-christian man would say that then what do you think the rest of the world thinks about us. May God touch you and those who help you do this web-site. I pray that you will have changed your ways by the time the Lord returns. No I don't belive just the UPC will make the rapture. I have many other apostolic friends in different churches. But you have made your life's job insulting the UPCI. Have you ever realized that you are hurting his children. His is a just God all right. But like any father he will protect his children. So when you read this I hope you will remember that you are in my prayers. Time is too short to hold on to your anger and bitterness. In two words -- grow up.

Thursday 09/05/2002 1:30:57am

Name: Linda


Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: Victoria, Australia

Comments: Hi Lois,

Thank you for your website which I'm sure is the beginning of the path of healing for many people.

I read with much sadness, the entries in this guest book which condemn those who have left abusive churches. They 'revictimise the victims'. The bible is full of God's love and freedom and grace. Any religious system which is not based on that is not God's way. "There is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus", "Freedom is what we have, Christ has set us free", "Do not take up again a yolk of slavery", "...the free gift of God which is eternal life"

These are all biblical truths. If your church or church leaders are telling you that you need to perform certain tasks, achieve certain things, submit to their authority or observe certain 'rules' to be a better Christian or more holy or blessed or 'in the will of God', then get outta there! The only authority we need to submit to, is God's authority, and you will recognise that because of its love and grace. The authority that Jesus modelled was servanthood. There is nothing that you can do to earn anything from God. It was all done for you, once and for all, on the cross. Any teaching that tells you otherwise isn't truly Christian. Obedience to God should be an expression of your love and gratitude to God, not something that you are forced into.

I highly recommend two books, "Walking out of Spiritual Abuse" by Marc Dupont, and "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse" by David Johnson & Jeff VanVonderen. They help you to identify the abuse, help you to forgive and help you to retrain your brain and move forward. They are also good resources in making sure that the churches avoid being abusive and are Jesus focussed and grace based.

To all the people who leave condemning messages here, I want to say something to you that was said to me when I remained in an abusive church but didn't know it..."you can't see the forest for the trees". Sometimes abusive spiritual practices can be so much part of our lives that we can't see the problem with them. And if we did admit that they were there, then we would have to admit to being less than holy; even unspiritual. Sometimes we think that to think through the issues would be sinning. The bible tells us to test everything. God allows us to ponder.

Tuesday 09/03/2002 9:31:54pm

Name: Steve Davis

E-Mail: stvndavis@

Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: Delaware, USA

Comments: I believe you and your collective group, are unfair and haven't researched the topics you claim to be experts in. Though it may be true your ex-church didn't fill your expectations, I think it more likely you had decided to seek a less Godly church, for the sake of the flesh. Everything we cherish in the UPC is Godly and strictly from scripture.

Steve Davis.

Tuesday 08/20/2002 6:15:21pm

Name: robert eanes

E-Mail: eanesr@

Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: tenessee

Comments: Dear Lois you need to read Ruth Reidersbook Power Before The Throne.You have given up your covering which is your power.If you love the Lord and wanted to please him no sacrifice would be too much.You are the one in bondage to the world.You will be held resonsible for the people you have led astray on judgement day.I pray thet you immediately shut down your evil website before you poison the minds of any more people.

Tuesday 08/13/2002 9:23:26pm

Name: Kenneth Folmar

E-Mail: kingkenny02@

Referred By: Friend

Location: WV

Comments: WOW!!! this site is great i enjoy reading the many articles on this site and feel a since of rest. About 2 months ago i left my home church cause the pastor and I had MANY difference. I had left for bible college (a upc) and learned many things there from salvation to the standards of holiness or i would rather call them man's rules and regualtions. I found myself searching for proof that these were nessisary and yet a UPC member who was at the bible college showed me the way to true understanding. I now feel like a weight has been lifted or a bondage if you will. Before leaving the United Pentecostal Cult International I found myself depressed often and asking for this joy unspeakable that ppl spoke of..Since i have left i havent been depressed and i have truly found Joy Unspeakable through my faith in GOD. Thank you for being a voice that cries from the wilderness and showing ppl the evils that this organization practices...Anyone is welcome to email


Wednesday 08/07/2002 4:41:35pm

Name: Eric

E-Mail: rev@

Referred By: Friend

Location: Fort Wayne

Comments: Before we have flames in this guestbook. This site is here for a reason. Many have been hurt by those standards for many years. Just like many others have been hurt in other church denominations, etc. Please be kind to Lois, she does a great job. I'm an ex-UPC person myself and I am a baptist now. Go me! Good day, and I like communion.

Wednesday 08/07/2002 8:47:56am

Name: dennis

E-Mail: kh6hmr@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Peoria, IL

Comments: I'm 62 years old and have wondered since I was about 40 why I don't trust churches at all. I have recently read Ron Enroth's two books, churches that abuse and recovering from churches that abuse. I can identify with so much of what he has written. I relive the fear as I read of the people's experiences in those case studies. I have recently left the Catholic Church and there is such a strong desire to go back and communion is meaningless in protestant denominations. I am a pastor and it is almost meaningless when I serve communion to others.

One thing I still don't find, and maybe its because I'm new at accepting fully all that has happened to me, is how do we heal? Are their groups in various areas similar to AA where we could meet and share? Is it all done by e-mail? Mainline pastors don't seem to want to deal with the issue, I think out of a lack of "how to" rather than indifference. No one, not even the counsellors I've talked to, understands what has happened. So I hurt in silence and attend many different churches to hear the Word preached and spoken, but never becoming and won't become attached again. It hurts to read the experiences of others like myself. Thanks for the web site.


Tuesday 07/30/2002 9:52:22pm

Name: Daniella


Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Texas

Comments: I have attended Upc all my life. For your info. standards are not inflicted as abuse. We serve the ONE TRUE GOD who name is JESUS who also sees this abomination. If you feel that holiness is a burden aparently that is your opinion. Jesus has called us out of the world not to compromise with it. Pray for yourself to see the truth because when you stop focusing on everything you have to "give" up maybe you will see the light. I feel that your website is offensive and gives the internet a bad name. You being "led of the Lord" should be helping people find help instead of hindering. P.s. all of our standards are bible based.

Tuesday 07/30/2002 9:38:25pm

Name: Jaime

E-Mail: jesusfreak07jm@

Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: LOL, I think the purpose of this site is because you have back slidden, and are trying to make up excuses for living right! You can't hide, and you can't run!

Saturday 07/27/2002 2:37:58pm



Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: Are you kin to Roy D gibson from Beaumont.NaraLeigh and Vesta

[Lois's note: "No, not to my knowledge."]

Saturday 07/20/2002 8:57:34am

Name: Mike Lute

E-Mail: flashloot@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Missouri

Comments: First of all I'd like to say that from what I have read and understand from many of these people that have left the ONE TRUE CHURCH is that many of them never really had the true infilling of the Holy Ghost the way the bible instructs (Acts 2:38)and so they have never felt God's convicting spirit. The problem with them is they never wanted to line up to the Word of God. Make no doubt about it the UPC church has the truth, along with many other free pentecostal organizations. You can fight it and slam it all you want but THEY are and always will be THE CHURCH. It's a scary thing for someone who has known the truth to turn away from it and follow lies and "doctrines of devils". There are all kinds of popular churchs that will let you live any old way you choose but they are empty and shallow. As far as the standards of the UPC I dont go along with everything they teach. I have heard all kinds of things from preachers saying it's wrong to wear a wedding band,wrong for women to shave their legs,and red dresses are wrong. Do I follow every thing I hear? NO. I seek out my own soul's salvation. If you want to cut your hair,wear slacks,and paint your face up by all means do so but don't slam us for not doing it. You people act like you were taken hostage and savagely beaten and forced to obey by a gang of ruthless UPC members and you barely escaped with your life. Heheheh! You make it sound like you escaped from a POW camp or something. Actually what happened is you left the safety of the ark to go out into the storm. I take offence to my church being called a cult...and God takes offence too. You should be very careful.

Friday 07/19/2002 0:40:18am

Name: Melissa

E-Mail: Britgam@

Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: Texas

Comments: Lois-

Late one night almost three years ago, Jesus led me to your site. I was totally eaten up with guilt and scared witless that I was going to a good mans hell.On the outside, I was a picture of the ideal UPC woman.On the inside,I was a total wreck.I lived each and everyday with overwhelming guilt.My reasoning was,why even live?I was never going to be good enough on the inside to make it to heaven.I could sit on my hair and my closet was stuffed with denim skirts.My husband had carefully packed my wedding ring away.The face in the mirror was not mine,it belonged to a woman twice my age.A woman who would feel at home with the clothes I was wearing.I felt ugly,guilty and hopeless.I knew that despite my outer facade, that Jesus knew what was going on on the inside.Since he knew the secret thoughts of my heart,I was assured that I was going to hell. As I poured over the writings on your site,I knew Christ had led me to you.You walked me through the fear and assured me of my worth, Christ's love for me and my salvation.

Thank you Lois!Thank you for letting Christ use you at a point in my life when I could no longer carry myself.


Tuesday 07/16/2002 6:00:40pm

Name: glenda

E-Mail: lovbug79

Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: i personaly love the Holiness Standards its what make us apart for the other groups not say there anything wrong with them i just say i was look for some stuff on upci women in the seach engine and this is what came up and i think you are give the wrong ideal about the upc church. yes i have had church trouble in the past and didnt want go back but guess what that life. you will find that every where. do you quit you job everytime some hurt you feelings or leave you famliy i dont think so if you did you have no family or job couse people are just people and they are human. the only one that was perfact they put him on the cross. so if you think you are going to find the perfect place to go church you are wrong. i am not perfact just forgiving and so are you all. we all sin. and if some that was a sinner and didnt know the lord read this they would want to go to church. and know the power of the holy ghost and how it changes lifes.


Monday 07/15/2002 9:14:24pm

Name: Dale Royce

E-Mail: royroofer@

Referred By: Friend

Location: Hood River, Oregon

Comments: Graduate of UPC bible college, formerly licensed overseas with Military District, and locally licensed in the Oregon District. Met with District Superintendent over pastoral abuses (Superintendent and pastor were old bible college chums). Big mistake. Ostrasized from then on. Left UPCI in 1987. Worst of all was the mistaken belief that by marrying a member of a UPCI church that all would be "well". Not so. Much much more I could add. Since you have this site it means I don't need to make one! God bless you so much.

He is so much BIGGER than any one organization or denomination.

Dale Royce

Wednesday 07/10/2002 3:09:08pm

Name: Phil Stowers

E-Mail: pjstower@

Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: Little Rock, AR

Comments: My wife and I are both 30 and were raised in the UPC. Our parents are all still a part of it. About 2 years ago we felt the Lord leading us out of the bondage and legalism that had become our lifestyle by way of raising.

About 9 months ago, we began attending a Non-denominational church in Maumelle Arkansas called New Life. Since that time our eyes have been so opened to the rest of the body of Christ. We thank the Lord everyday for opening our eyes and leading is in a fresh direction. I appreciate your web site and the fair and balanced approach you take to exposing the cult characteristics of the UPC. You have been a blessing to me!


Phil Stowers

Thursday 07/04/2002 4:12:18pm

Name: D.Benincasa

E-Mail: HopSkipNJump@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Fort Lauderdale Florida

Comments: Dear Lois:

I believe the problem is this:

It is not about cutting or not cutting hair, nor three piece suits, nor long dresses nor long pants.

It is about us dying out to our human will. I read a letter by a woman whose name was "Kathy". It sounded like she wanted to be attractive, and a young looking 45, more than hitting the issues of whether standards are right or wrong.

People get offended because they have not died out to self.

The Pharisees came to John the Baptist, and started to tell him about Jesus' success. However, he was quick to answer that He (John the Baptist) must decrease, and that Jesus must increase.

I do believe that we need to get over ourselves, and allow Jesus Christ to transform us to the renewing of the mind. People need to stop trying to keep rules, by their own human will. There are websites like this one for every denomination, from Catholic to Mormon (saying the exact same thing).

It would seem that people are looking at the bug on the leaf and missing the forrest.

In Jesus name

Ev. D. Benincasa

Davie Apostolic Church

6451 Orange Drive

Davie Florida 33314

Monday 06/24/2002 2:42:46pm

Name: PJ McArthur


Referred By: Search Engine

Location: TN

Comments: I came across this web page by accident, but I find myself coming back to it alot. I find what some say very thought provolking and very interesting. I will continue to research this area since I am UPC also.

Thank you.


Friday 06/21/2002 1:28:35pm

Name: tina

E-Mail: teenaweena@

Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: great web site!! i was a member of the upc a few years ago. fortunately i got out with my sanity. i'm having a hard time committing to a new church though i still long for god and worship.i can definately relate when people speak of being spiritualy raped.today,finding this web site and others like it, has blessed me. thank you 6/21/02

Tuesday 06/18/2002 11:01:22am

Name: Susan Story

E-Mail: james4eight@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Byron GA

Comments: I like your site! It's very needed these days. I found it because I was searching about "churches that abuse". I came out of a Baptist church that was somewhat that way, not severe, but we are being ostracized and are very hurt by the situation. Thanks for your site!

Monday 06/17/2002 7:20:07pm

Name: Barbara

E-Mail: Bob_barb74@

Referred By: Friend


Comments: Only those of you who have also been a victim of spiritual abuse could even begin to understand the extreme pain experienced by those who have suffered this kind of dilemma. Some of the entries that I have read in defense of these extremists are void of understanding and it is apparent that those who have written them are imitating the very attitudes that have caused the damage in the first place.

I for one do know the pain of being exploited by extreme authoritarianism. Being allowed the freedom to think for ourselves was not acceptable by our leader and as he has stated in his own words,"Thinking people make me sick."

We were one of the few families that was able to escape still in tact. Most others have not been this fortunate.

In spite of making a successful exit, we are still haunted by many painful memories which trigger nightmares and a general distrust in all leaders. We are working toward recovery and hope to be able to re-establish some healthy church related relationships.

You cannot judge the experiences of people like myself by spiritualizing on the subject, saying that had we been right with God then none of this would have befallen us. I do not judge the entire oneness organization by my experiences but I do feel that many of the longstanding doctrines of this movement foster these kind of tendencies in certain leaders with personality disorders and a misguided desire to control.

Sunday 06/16/2002 8:36:24pm

Name: mike davis

E-Mail: mike_deliveryman@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: illinois

Comments: horton hears a who... thanks for your message of hate. you have done more to show me the true christian, Lois, than Lois has done herself. It is messages like horton's we all must bear as a cross of condemnation, all we who have ever set foot an a upc church.

Sunday 06/09/2002 10:17:54pm

Name: john horton

E-Mail: hogdogjohn@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: vidor texas

Comments: let me tell you your problem you have been sent a strong delusion you will bielieve a lie and be dammed your conience has been sealed with a hot iron really what im doind is casting my oness pearl before the swine which you are youwill trample this in the mud under your feet oh yes which sin is it that you cant be forgiven for did you forget you are a full fledge repabate oh i know those are powerfull words but you need to hear the oness truth one more time

i want all of you trinities to read first tim 3 16 and try to get 3 out of that if you think there are 3 in heaven which 1 will you go and worship first and since you claim to say that their are 3 in heaven if mary was his mother 2000 years ago who was his mother 6000 years ago i sure would like to have a response

Sunday 06/09/2002 4:51:09pm

Name: jay ketcherside

E-Mail: jay@

Referred By: Friend


Comments: Lois,

Wow, so privileged was I when I passed through your site today -- I was the exact 50,000th accessor today! What a wonderful omen! Keep up the good work!

Your friend!


Saturday 06/01/2002 7:26:00am

Name: John David Maher

E-Mail: jftdv@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Reno, Nevada

Comments: I hope I did not offend anyone by my last entry. However, the praying and fasting issue is also something that should be talked about. How can I tell someone else they need to pray and fast, if I do not practice it myself?

Also, there is the issue of higher education. Back in 1977, I was attending college, in Denver, Colorado. I had discussed this with my Pastor. We both agreed, and we both thought that it would be a good idea. The pastor went to preach a revival for three weeks in Texas. This is when the trouble started. I began to come under attack, by some of the over zealous 'saints' that were self appointed elders. They told me that 'God told them that it was not Gods will for me to go to college'. After being yammered on for about a week, I caved in and quit. When the pastor got back, he asked me why I quit, and I told him. He actually sat these people down, talked to them, and told them they were not elders, and that they did not have the authority to tell me how to run my life. But the biggest problem I had with the situation, is that the pastors daughters were also attending college, and that for some reason it was ok for them, but not for me or others in the church. There was several splits in the church since then, over the education issue, but the pastor still says that there is nothing wrong with higher education, and that he in fact encourages it. He does, however, try to discourage Bible College, because he feels that it is the elders and pastors job to get people ready for the ministry.

Thursday 05/16/2002 12:54:42am

Name: Mick Mounce

E-Mail: mickeem@

Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: I appreciate your quest for truth. I wish you were as quick to submit to God as you were to prove yourself. I'm not sure exactley what you have proven, except maybe you cannot be taught or you are very critical. I look about the site and found you are very critical not taking to account some human things. You have really beat the UPCI up bad. I believe we need to check the Bible on every preacher, and every preacher needs to check the Bible before he opens his mouth. However, some things during preaching are givens and already understood. You picked one preacher apart for little things, its like saying a certain place is down the road. How far exactly? not sure but down there. You took the map and measured it in inches and said he was basically wrong. Ok, all people can be more caefull. Also taking a Websters or NIV etc, and using it to translate the Bible is a mistake as well. If you want to cut your hair, cut it, why go to such great lengths to get everyone else to say you are ok. I really think you aren't sure so you are trying to find someway to find a way to prove it is ok. Just do it , it is in your heart anyway! Why don't you bash the Baptist, the Methodists, the Catholics, etc? You are like many you don't understand how people can really submit themselves and be led and do things you do not understand. I do think everyone has the right to opinions and to search it out in the Word and if it is NOT in the Word DON'T preach it as gospel. But just to simply go after people, is like the Pharisees as well. Just think if you spent as much money and effort to win souls, knocking doors, fasting and praying, as you do to kick people, think of the souls that could have been saved.

Sunday 05/05/2002 12:57:57am

Name: Rev. Jack Howell

E-Mail: revjack@

Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: Oklahoma

Comments: Excellent site and info!

Friday 04/26/2002 1:40:39pm

Name: Dr. Thomas R. Steele

E-Mail: mastersarm@

Referred By: Search Engine


Comments: My heart goes out to each and every one who has been affected by the UPC cult. I am presently in a battle against this cult here in Bogalusa, LA. Unfortunately, due to the ignorance of the Christian community, it is a difficult battle. I am having to teach many why the UPC is a cult. I printed off several pages of this site to give to a wonderful Christian lady who believes that the UPC is just another Christian church and should be honored as such. Pray that her eyes can be opened because she could help win a large number of the lost UPC to Christ. I have written a book titled, "Love from Above, Experiencing God's Love and Expressing it to Others". I know of several people who my book has helped to get out of legalism and to be established in the love of God. You can purchase it at www.ebook-case.com. To date, I have used the profits from my book sales to give copies away to people who can't afford to buy them. As a matter of fact, for every book purchased, I give two away. I hope my book will be a blessing to you. It helped me greatly to write it. Thank you for you site, please pray for me. I am presently dealing with a large number of UPC victims and it is a hard work. They really do a great deal of harm.

Saturday 04/20/2002 4:38:15pm

Name: dokimos

E-Mail: dokimos@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: USA & Philippines

Comments: We thank you for the ministry of your website against spiritual abuse. We hope you will find our article of interest.

Sunday 04/14/2002 2:15:40am

Name: Vanessa

E-Mail: vancin8791@

Referred By: E-Mail

Location: Oklahoma U.S.A.

Comments: God Bless You All. I am praying for all of you. This is a great source to have such a lenghty list of names to pray for.

I hope in your search for truth that you take the time to read Gods Word & not just listen to the voices of angry people. God will judge those who have done wrong. We are to forgive & love.

There are some UPCI ministers & saints alike who are judgemental, but do we ourselves become justified by acting the same toward them?

I pray God leads you into His truth. It is there to be found. You won't always find it in the pulpit, nor in every web site. Look to God's Word in prayer not to people who are hurt & holding onto the past.

I love you all & pray for the peace of everyone who has written here. God Bless You & may He lead you to Him.

Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe.

With Prayer,


P.S. Jesus loves everyone the hurt & the one who hurt them. He is our Judge & our Help. But most of all He wants to be our Savior & Friend. Let Him help you to let go of the bitterness. He wants to love you & fill you with His love. Keep reaching.

Wednesday 04/03/2002 2:18:15am

Name: Avalon De Witt

E-Mail: avalondewitt@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Denver, CO

Comments: I've been using your website for quite sometime. It is quite a resource! I think it's wonderful that someone is raising awareness about spiritual abuse. If you visit my website, make sure you click on the link to my home page. There, you can read my spiritual story. My first exposure to religion was in the Pentecostal church. I have a guestbook located in my Sanctuary. Feel free to stop by some time and post your link there!

Blessings of peace, love, and harmony,

Avalon De Witt

Sunday 03/31/2002 2:13:13pm

Name: Diana Herrmann

E-Mail: Leafy810@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Virginia

Comments: It is nice to find a web site for victims of UPC. Great work.

Saturday 03/30/2002 11:04:52pm

Name: terry

E-Mail: fishloski@

Referred By: Just Surfed In

Location: North Texas


Saturday 03/30/2002 11:03:14pm

Name: Barbara

E-Mail: mazy5B@

Referred By: Search Engine

Location: Sherman,TX


Saturday 03/30/2002 2:08:29am

Name: Lori Schultz

E-Mail: loriWSchultz@

Referred By: Friend


Comments: I have been reading for hours here... following the links and shaking my head. This is amazing! Just Amazing! This is like traveling back in time! I've heard many sermons like the one given on why the congregation's growth was stalled ... the women were cutting their hair. It explains so much of why things just didn't make sense when I was growing up immersed in UPC culture. Just amazing! I am so glad I have escaped, can think for myself, and live a "normal" existance. May the people still struggling with these issues find peace and contentment.

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